Discovering the reality that most people are indeed, worthless

I believe that more and more people (for those who do have value) are coming around to recognizing just how much more worthless the majority of humankind is.

There are many theories about Human Origins, and how Humans differ from Animals, and there are many people alive today who deny that the original Human Creation had been cut from Divine Fabric.

Those who control knowledge and the flow of information in this world, must maintain a monopoly on people’s understanding of the world, but yet with leaving many questions unanswered, and it can keep them perpetually on the spinning wheel of slavery not just in terms of their labors, but also in showing love and respect to people who are parasites, and empowering such people, or even at least issuing them equality.

There are some topics I am reluctant to speak of in great depth outside of our inner circle relating to some religious matters and Human Genetics, however there are some vague points I will be revealing from time to time that must be exposed, even while there is not much of a future for anything or anyone. These are very sensitive topics, but the problem is it is difficult to not brush upon them, given the nature of what we see in the world around us and the amount of lies that everything turns out to be.

The Christian Bible, for example is a watered down version of a story told about the Genetic Altering of the Original Humans, but without letting others know that Humans existed long before the alleged figures “Adam & Eve”.

Adam & Eve, were actually metaphorical figures for an extraterrestrial invasion of Mankind, and it essentially was the downfall of Man.

The Bible and Religions, however, diverts Divine Mankind from knowing that it had been subjugated by very vicious and horrifically oppressive entities and other altered Humanoid species, and that the takeover by these beings, including their inter-breeding into the Divine Population, is what caused Mankind to fall, but the Bible or Religious worldviews instead want people to believe that they are Fallen from “Sin” or “Disobeying God”, which is actually a completely irrelevant point.

The Bible is no more than a book written by Half Human / ET Men to falsify the doctrine of Creation and describe a Genetic Invasion / Takeover of Mankind and to illustrate the plans they have in bringing about a New World Order, with a false promise of “hope”, which is what instills a false sense of “Faith” in people.

Hence, you will always hear about people claiming “prophecy is being fulfilled”, when in fact the Bible, similar to the Protocols of Zion, is just a blueprint to explain to you what the World Controllers are intending for Mankind. Also through Movies, they explain such scenarios.

But the effect of this so-called “prophecy”, only further stirs up the delusion of “faith” in the “believers”, because the “believers” will think ever more so, that these are really the words from “God” and it will make them only more fanatical.

For example, the times people have been told about “God punishing the world” by flooding it, these actual floods were not done by God, in fact they were done by a piece of very advanced technology which I will not announce here, but it is done to “reset” the Earth and reduce the Population. It has been done at least 6 times on Earth, and allegedly the “2012” event was supposed to be a new event for when they would perform this “reset” however they can no longer use this device, according to information we have.

It is no coincidence that during this time, Green Energies, Global Warming Nonsense, and other agendas have been aggressively pursued to bring about a cataclysmic event, every year growing since that time.

Nevertheless, Mankind has been under subjugation by nefarious forces for Aeons, even during periods of Human history when times were relatively good, these beings were still in existence among Mankind, it’s just that certain eras required them to give Humans more rights or freedoms, the dispersion of wealth at times, and other advantages. However, all advantages come at a cost.

While these forces had advanced technologies that could have saved many Humans from overworking themselves to death, they would not release these technologies fully for development and use among humans. For example with all the years of Humans working in Coal Mines or experimenting with Dynamite to blast out tunnels for development, the World Controllers have possessed massive Tunnel Boring machinery that can efficiently and perfectly carve out tunnels and underground facilities to anyone’s liking in a safe manner with less human activity, but refused to allow this technology to be used except for people who have security clearances which worked for these entities throughout history.

Keeping Humans ignorant, including Divine Humans, has been an on-going project and one of necessity by those who control the World Order, in so that Humans can be used for a specific role only, and that outliers or exceptions to that rule would be culled and eliminated from the population over the course of time, without people realizing it, because one must maintain the idea only that Humans are not perfect and that we are all just animals.

There have been many strategic events, whether Wars (real or planned), tragedies, eugenics, policies and many other factors, as I have said, that have contributed to this on-going process of eliminating the Divine Human population, and the Industrial Revolution absolutely played a major role in that as well.

The problem however is that Humans use coping mechanisms to accept and perpetuate their abuses, or to justify the meaning to continue on with taking the beatings, without giving further thought to the world around them, or the interactions and purposes with other Humans in their community.

Most people want to think “good” or “positive notions only” about fellow Humans, even though we have evidence all around us, even logic alone, which tells us otherwise.

There is still a pessimistic streak in all those who claim to “think highly” of others, and it manifests in the fact that in our era, Humans do not try to make connections with others on any meaningful level for he most part, and only establish contact on the basis of transactional needs, resources or what they can get from other people.

As I have said, even things such as Honor and Dignity or living a principled existence do not exist in the world anymore, they have been dying values since after World War II.

Exceptions to the rule are just that, Exceptions.

Values have changed overall in the world, and the majority of Human stocks alive today prefer to keep the Status Quo intact, even as much as they hate it.

Egalitarian views have brainwashed most people to believe all people deserve rights or are equal or deserving of equity in this world, enforcing it by policies and laws, instead of allowing the Free Flow of Natural Forces to decide who or what should be.

I have noticed lately in the past several years, a large increase and suspicion in many people who really are beginning to question the Human Species, including many with Anti-Natalist views.

Even just the last 2 years alone, with watching how most Humans have just folded and accepted the fate of the COVID Agenda and continue wearing their masks, even wearing Masks on the beaches and while swimming, has to make some inquisitive minds really question just how many psychopaths and utterly worthless trash are living in our midst, and most people are realizing that this trash is even more numerous than previously thought.

While most people previously thought that these scoundrels are around only 15% percent of the population, you can easily see that well over 80% of people in a given country are utterly worthless scoundrels with malignant and nefarious traits which serve as a parasitic function in society.

If the ratio of worthless people begins to breach 20% of the population, your civilization is in trouble.

The problem is, people think this issue is only merely a matter of Education or how someone has been brought up in society, rather than an issue of Human Genetics and Origins.

So this brings us back to these Organized Religions, Their Creeds and how they have maneuvered people completely away from questioning what type of Humans are living among us.

Not all Humans are cut from the same fabric, and there are many Humans who lack empathy and creative qualities or with any sense of natural altruism at least for their own Tribal People.

These religions also program people to make you believe that Evil is a “choice”, that a person can choose to be “Good or Bad”, when in actuality it comes down to their Blood Origins.

These religions program people to believe in a redemption narrative, that some way they can redeem themselves, which is complete magical thinking.

Even if one were to browse YouTube for any Intellectual Content, or to listen to comedians like George Carlin, you will always find a resounding frustration and distress when it comes to Humans who are not brainwashed, not conformists, and who actually have critical faculties of which one could refer to as being “remarkable”, to actually find Humans who have remarkable traits and be exclaimed as a remarkable Human Being who lived an enviable existence.

Such Figures were in their last specimens mostly in the 20th century, but they were far more numerous in the 19th century than they are now.

The decline of Divine Humans has coincidence with the Decline in remarkable works of Art, Music, Literature and Philosophy that have been a more consistent theme in human history, especially during the Enlightenment Period, which are now almost nowhere to be found in Modern Humans.

The New World from the emergence of the last turn of the great crisis in the 13th century was completely controlled, however it provided a turning point in the possibilities of Human Advancement which had not been possible from the known records of history, in where Humans had begun to achieve a Level of Freedom and forming Institutions that would have been unthinkable in times past.

We won’t pretend anything about these centuries were perfect, but the point I am trying to illustrate is that outside of small epochs of other Human greatness and achievements such as during Ancient Greece or Rome and even earlier, there have been few times of opportunity that humans have been on the road to getting anywhere truly useful, as a species.

The French Revolution completely decimated every chance of the emergence of that “New World” and enlightenment, and brought us back on the path of regression, especially more so as it concerns European Affairs.

It is important more than ever to understand why the world condition today is exactly as it is, and why even with all the advanced information and technologies we possess today, that there seems to still be such dissonance and prevalent issues among Humans, and the problem is that Egalitarian jerks are trying to make people believe that this is a result of people needing to be taught to be a certain way, ignoring the fact that Genetic Invalids exist everywhere.

You see, the moment an idea or notion of “Genetic Invalids” is introduced as an idea, it becomes immediately met with scrutiny and disdain, especially by fervently religious people, because it then immediately stirs up thoughts about “Eugenics” or who gets to decide who is a valid human and who is not, or notions about “Playing God”, and of course Nazi Germany comes to mind since the National Socialist regime was heavily involved with research and understanding the Soul Essence, Blood and other factors, and that yes we Germans were working on trying to create a “Super Race”, although only in the sense that we needed to eliminate the undesirables to allow the already existing Super Specimens to have full rights to flourish. But we have now lost all those Great Specimens, most of them are dead and gone.

The understanding of “Superior Genetics” and “Soul Essence” were actually being greatly researched by many thinkers in the 20th century as well, not only confined to Germany, but many new theories and understandings began to emerge about these topics because such interest behind them and how to identify criminals and undesirable types, had been narrowed down to an actual Science.

For anyone who really researches and understands history and the industrial revolution, when you look at the Population Boom that took place after World War II, you can only understand and recognize for what it is, that valuable humans were not being birthed from that time. The parasites, psychopaths and miscreants of society were the ones largely mating, and they were mating and reproducing on the basis of a newfound “optimism” from the artificial economic boost as a result of the War.

Typically, all countries involved in Wars, even with a righteous victory, end up poorer after the War.

Admittedly, Russia footed the Bill in terms of Blood and Economic Woes, more so than the other Allies did, with America taking top position.

America only made out from the war as a political initiative and promise granted by England to them, for being a key supplier in the war.

But this is a message to reiterate the consideration of just how many effects have taken place that have altered the gene pools of today, and I haven’t even touched upon the topic of Racial Mixing.

The Birth Control pill and Abortion Rights also had changed everything as well, where untold Millions who would otherwise have possibly been born, have not, but then we can not always know for certain whether those Humans who had the abortions were also [genetic] invalids themselves, some have absolutely been, but in more recent times this is most definitely the case for most.

The Birth Control pill had also completely changed the dynamic and behavior between Men and Women, and Women’s perception of Men or responsibilities forever, in ways that Young Men today probably will never be able to appreciate in a way that Men who observed these changing dynamics in society, were able to see for themselves.

If Men today had any idea what types of dynamics changed from the Birth Control pill, but also that is alters the hormones and processes in Women that makes Women have less desire and attraction for Men, they would think twice about this invention to ever have been permitted in the first place, to speak nothing about how it instilled egotistical notions that Women no longer had to be careful about who they sleep around with.

The results now is that more and more humans who have been born are not only worthless, but are very similar in nature because they are coming from a very narrow portion of the gene pools, and that they come from the most undesirable elements imaginable, while less and less Desirable Gene Pools have had the opportunity for procreation in recent decades.

The Illuminati have the desire to impose Transhumanism, but even they recognize the cost of having genetically transformed and altered the Human Population in such a way that a lot of people don’t even realize.

But for all intents and purposes, it would be catastrophic to keep the majority of Humans alive today, which are.

Even though theoretically, we could have even over 10 Billion Humans alive and continuing to reproduce, this would only be able to be maintained on the basis of organizing society, agriculture and industry in a specific way, and assuming that we are weeding out the “weeds” of Human Genetics while giving free reign of desirable Humans to reproduce.

Wealthy Humans who have ill-gotten wealth and can afford to reproduce frequently, does not guarantee a prosperous future, and it is for that reason that Nazi Economic Policies would have also influenced the world in a way that other Nations would have pursued a similar approach in Development, Wealth and in terms of Machine, Man and Number, to ensure that Valuable Specimens on the basis of and Meritocracy, are the ones who advance in society and give off enormous levels of offspring for the future.

The majority of Humans around us today are descendants of various untold genetic experiments which have been created to outbreed Divine Humans, and to even interbreed with some in so that the children become Hybridized or weakening those specific genetic lineages in so that the family tree will eventually die down to where the family is almost or entirely composed of genetic invalids.

This is where the rise of dysfunctional families comes from, and all it takes is one Aunt or Parent of someone to introduce alien genetics into that family tree to haunt it forever, and they will of course reign tyranny on all the Divine Humans in that family, subjugating them.

Remember at all times that only 7% of the World Population still has Intact Human DNA from the original Human Creations of Various Races, and that 93% of those alive are just meaningless junk which serve as a burden. This is a fact, and it should be one well recognized when observing the state of Human Affairs today, and in why we cannot stand most people and hate their guts.

7% of the world population translates somewhere close to only about 500 – 600 Million Humans who have innate value and traits, and sadly we must report that these majorities are not necessarily in Caucasian countries, either. At times they can be, but not pervasively so on the basis of the Caucasian Race naturally being superior.

But it is only coincidental that the Illuminati Plan is to reduce down to 500 Million or at most 2 Billion with the Human Population, as they are not intending to spare Divine Humans. They want the Divine Humans completely wiped out and to keep dumb robotic servants who don’t know any better about anything, and cannot think of anything for themselves, to believe the new lie and to not understand what happened while they are brought into the new system.

Divine Humans are the ones first in line for being Culled by the Illuminati, in their quest to eliminate any challenge to the Human Farm they want for the foreseeable future, and to permanently seal their Order into place. This is what they seek to achieve.

Future generations of these Automatons will believe in the great lie that the Masses of Humanity died off from the so-called “COVID Plague”. The cornerstone of the NWO will be based on that great lie, and it will also short-circuit any critical investigation into the matter by the Automatons, just as is the case wit the population culling during the Black Plague.

Automatons for example, have no problem with Virtual Human Interactions and Sex, and because most Humans are Automatons, they are guaranteeing these kinds of things to be the absolute destiny for the species.

The Genetic Altered Species alive today is from old experiments, but with the rollout of the genetic technologies that has become mainstream in this era, there will be even more extreme forms of Genetic Alterations of the Human Species going forward.

For example, altering offspring genetics such as intelligence or eye color artificially.

Even the Chinese have experimented with altering certain segments of their population to breeding Genetic Lineages for Soldiers who are incapable of feeling pain, for their Military, giving them an unfair fighting advantage over other Nations, for when they must use Men in place of Drones and Hardware in battle.

The COVID-19 Vaccine has only been the first bridge for these Automatons, and some Pure Humans, to be carried over into the Full Agenda for Transhumanism.

But overall, at no point in Human History have we ever dealt with such a high level of these parasites who live and thrive among us, as we are dealing with today, however they have always been high and abundant in the Anglo-Saxon countries more so than other areas, including in more recent times in Germany. Most of the founding fathers of America were also descendants of this Genetic Experiment. Including the British Royal Family, who actually belong to Demonic Lineages.

Automatons have not only been programmed in a certain way, but they are also “activated” with certain Frequency Responses in their DNA, which allow to them to recognize other Automatons among them. They know who is and who is not. For this reason, Automatons [Fake People] Naturally gravitate and will default to other Automatons [Fake People] and ignore anything or anyone who is Real. Because of this innate programming, they instinctively recognize Divine Humans as “Ghosts” or “Untermenschen” and tell lies and rumors about them so that Divine Humans have difficulty getting ahead in certain areas of life. The instinctive programming in the Automatons compels them to lie and to disregard Divine Humans, except for if they can use or extract resources out of Divine Humans. But the Automatons will extract energy and resources out of anyone, not just the Divine Humans, as they are not picky in that regard.

When I speak of this “programming” in the Automatons, I am not merely speaking about what type of Stimuli or Education they are exposed to that programs them. Sure, being inundated with sustained Propaganda and self-obsession only helps further fuel their Egos and ideas of Righteousness in the way they think and operate, but even if you were to Educate them correctly and feed them Positive Propaganda, they would soon resort back to their instinctive ways, because they are biologically and neurologically programmed differently than Divine Humans. Their neurological networks are COMPLETELY different and incompatible with the neurological processes of Divine Humans, even down to decision making and every cognitive process.

Divine Humans do not have this resonating “frequency” that lights up in the Automatons which is why you will always find that Fake people tend to always know so many other Fake people that they associate with. Being fake is not a choice. These beings descend from a fake and artificial creation, they have no soul or spirit body within them. They are walking flesh bags of slime.

These Future Servants will be the exact type of automaton scum who will be the informants on their neighbors for not following “Climate Conscious” rules, for not wearing masks, or being a “team player” in the “do-gooder” Social Credit / Reward system and control grid that is part of the Transhumanist Future.

In addition, with things like the ideas of Freedom, Personal Will, Adventure Seeking, Hunting and Nostalgia which will be outlawed in the Transhumanist Future, since it will be an Order based on Safety and Security, you will not be permitted to do anything with dangerous connotations. Therefore, while you may not feel secure as a Human who is around people wearing surgical masks because you cannot read their emotions, you will be thought of as a weirdo and outcast who is being illogical and petty, since safety is guaranteed by the “systems in place” and there is no room for emotion and primal instincts.

Hence, how they have already seeded the idea of it being “inconsiderate” and “putting others at risk” if you do not wear a Mask, they have crystallized this behavior in all, whereas in 2019 and before, you would generally be looked at as a weirdo for wearing a mask in public outside of a necessary profession, and most people would question the efficacy and safety of wearing them all day. But since people are automatons, they are programmable, which means they can be reprogrammed to ignore anything which they learned or formerly perceived something as, instead replacing that knowledge with bogus ideas of Public Health protocols or common courtesy.

The wearing of surgical masks, is intended to become a permanent fixture of the New World Order, even long after any real or perceived pandemics.

3 thoughts on “Discovering the reality that most people are indeed, worthless

  1. Absolutely brilliant post. For some reason, it made me think back to the days of bar-hopping at 18-20 when making my first serious attempts at socialising on a mass scale in the adult world. I remember thinking that there was an almost demonic intelligence behind bars and clubs and how they worked. The fact that the whole experience is designed so that ‘good intelligent’ people must actively seek the approval of others who are not like them, yet the masses don’t need to value or respect these efforts in return.

    The mass normie has strength in numbers, so there is always a very difficult asymmetry that is involved in any serious attempt to communicate with them. You have to sacrifice too much of yourself, and you can literally feel your personal power being drained from you when you do this. For now, I do my best to avoid them, or try to camouflage myself as one of them. As you said, they are a different type of human. I would love to hear more about your thoughts on this.

    In particular, I’m trying to figure out ways of getting them to self-sabotage or self-destruct. Also, I’m struggling to understand how they perceive us. As you say, they know that we’re different. But I’m sure they don’t know us as well as we know ourselves. This is an area that is definitely worthy of much deeper study.


    1. Very True, unfortunately. The thing is, if you notice, Most Humans also cannot go without associating things like bars or nightclubs, or drinking alcohol without “good” or “bad” connotations, and it becomes stigmatized, but only Automatons do this. For normal humans, they would see attending a bar or nightclub and drinking as just part of an experience and not as a place for sinister activities.

      There is indeed a demonic “intelligence”, as you stated, behind these industries, unfortunately, and it is for that reason why it is designed to be like a Roach Motel since the Cockroaches love to come out and play after dark.

      It is by design, because the people who are largely in charge of these venues, belong to criminal syndicates and the mob, more often than not, and they look at everything from a business perspective only, they don’t even care about providing you good entertainment and quality socializing, they are there to mind program you.

      In America, they fill the glasses with extra ice to get you to buy more drinks, and serve salty chips or popcorn to make you thirstier so you buy more, and in conditions which are meant more for socializing, they will raise the music volume more than necessary to inhibit socializing.

      Since about 2010 or so (I can only speak for the USA), Nightlife has been far less about socializing or meeting other people in America, and only about people bringing their own cliques to hang out and show off at these places. They are not ideal for meeting any type of quality people at any level, and I really think that the days of these venues have gone way past their heydey.

      But even the Bouncers and much of the Staffing at so many of these venues here in America, are of the lowest of the low, and so are the Alcohol Distributors who supply them. All of them are connected.

      There is hardly any “Free Flow” of activity in any social setting anymore, especially “Post COVID” even though they still won’t let this up and are drumming up new scares.

      The 1970’s through the 1990’s were “Peak Times” for Nightlife, Music and Meeting other people, and especially because in these times, people were less influenced by Social Media, Smart Phones and Computer Technologies to make false impressions.

      They actually had to “be somebody” and “show who they are” in a public setting, and there is no way to go online and research who is at a place you are visiting and to know them “online” before you get to know them “in-person”.

      All the simplicity and innocence which people used to have even up to the 1990’s, has been completely lost in the midst of not only the on-going destruction of society and family life, but the way people are using these new technologies and allowing it to change them as a person.


  2. I get the sense that these ‘normie’ types are beginning to realise that we’re increasingly sussing them out (as well as the techniques they use) and recently they have become exasperated. Maybe their techniques aren’t working in their personal life as well as they used to. Their models are malfunctioning or they are failing to deliver results, now their social world is disappearing.

    I think they can tell if you’re more of a deep thinker or have a purity about you, and they tend to steer clear. But they’re not that strong at detecting their strongest opponents individually. They view us as boring, serious, or analytical, and simply write us off, but we don’t necessarily appear on their radar as an enemy.

    The higher-tier parasite types are very slimy, and I’m slightly thrown out by them. They have a light, tactical quality, combined with a decent occult understanding, which can be extremely effective. I think the key to our success is figuring out this personality and developing an effective means of attack against them.

    It’s funny that you mentioned the Hannovers. I see Prince William as being like this. Also, it’s interesting to note that it’s possible to build entire commercial/mercantile empires with very few geniuses. I think they’ve always had a dilemma between wanting to eliminate genius, on one hand, yet knowing that they need it to sustain their power on the other hand.


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