Europe to become a backwater and repeat mistakes dating back to even the 14th century

The continent of Europe is one which is war-battered and beaten, and it is sure to take many more war battering and beatings because of the path laid forward from the end results of 1945.

I would like to reiterate the fact that there has not ever been a single figure in European History ever known, who sought to disrupt the flow and channels of wealth, particularly ill-gotten wealth and the status quo, as to the level that Adolf Hitler had sought.

This is why “Hitler Had To Be Stopped” ™.

The Powerhouses of Europe understood exactly what Hitler’s intentions were, especially circles in London and Paris, but even Italy and elsewhere too. Because the effects were not just for Germany, but would have ruffled the feathers both of Leadership in these other European States, and also the rights and benefits of their own Working Class citizens.

Europe’s conflicts will never be natural or out of true necessity, so long as it continues on the course it remains on, and only Adolf Hitler ever stood up to trying to eliminated thievery and advantageous scenarios that permanently allowed the Wealthy to ever gain and hold precedent on wealth, while preventing poor members of society from ever having chance to carve out a life for themselves.

Today even in a country like Italy, the same discrete family circles which hold wealth from over 500 Years ago and kept the rest of Italians poor and impoverished, have successfully handed their wealth down the line and keep the rest of Italy poor. The Italian Mafia also is elemental in the process as well.

As Humans have so many emotions attached to Wealth or Money, this also translates to a lifestyle and club member attitude towards it, and such attitudes discount the notion of Merit or Skill employed through Labor being a determining factor for money.

For example, how would the wealthy masses today who use loopholes and tax or insurance schemes and the stock market to make ill-gotten wealth gains, ever accept a lifestyle where such financial instruments and agencies were outlawed!? NONE OF THEM WOULD ACCEPT IT.

Especially more so in America, notably, than Europe.

There would be outrage in the streets, to deny them their rights of racketeering!

Nevertheless, the English and French are also some of the biggest racketeer artists in Europe, even though you meet an occasional figure like Berlusconi.

London, New York and Paris are the hotbeds for financial shenanigans, just as Venice had long been a hotbed for in the past.

There is a large disdain in Human Populations for Wealth ever being associated with Performance and Talent, but instead to be a Family Notion, and this was much more overt in the days of observing Dynasties which worked to preserve their wealth among the peasants.

Since we live in Modern Democracies, people think these notions are outdated, or that they have a life better than ever before because of modern government systems and technology.

The Nazi Economic policies were of the most harsh and brutal variety (as they should be) that any Authoritarian Regime has ever attempted in history. Behind shutting down union offices and confiscating their wealth, confiscating wealth from the Jews (rightfully so), and also using other excellent examples of punishment towards anyone with ill-gotten wealth or real estate holdings.

Whereas today, Baby Boomers have a monopoly over Real Estate, which they cleverly have pulled the wool over the eyes of their children from ever figuring out, or at least until recent years when it is too late to do anything about it, unless they choose to kill their own parents.

Most Baby Boomers are corrupt and immoral degenerates, the large majority of them are, and so are the children they had born which took on their ways.

The consequences for the road of which things have led on will surely bring about the catastrophe of the Dark Age that took place for Europe in the Middle Ages.

And the pain and genocide that will be felt from this will overshadow anything that took place in that time.

As I’ve said before, we live in a world in which the only way we can ever do right, would mean we can only do wrong, to settle the score.

Scores of people must die, have their wealth and real estate confiscated, and placed in hands who deserve it and forge the future.

The problem is that to make such a claim, sounds blasphemous and egotistic or self-righteous, because the stupid masses who think they have value will challenge what makes us think we have more value than them or the right to decide who gets to live and who should starve or be lined up against the wall!?

The Nazis faced this very persecution from the enemies we face today, and rebuked the Nazi leadership as nothing but failed artists and philosophers and slandered them as being anything but “German”.

But this problem leads back to an even greater problem, because of the fact that we live in a world where the Inferiors have gained Superiority over the Superiors, and Bismarck no less had a statement on it:

Our Love and Support for Adolf Hitler is so great in his ambitions, that even if it meant that all of Europe had to face an even greater genocide and wealth confiscation program to secure the BEST populations to prosper and build a new future for Europe, we would be in total support for it!

Nevertheless, Europe had some better people in the 1930’s and 40’s compared to today, who were worthy to keep. But America, France, UK and the USSR worked to eliminating a lot of them or at the least, destroying their families or ability to continue their lineages.

Therefore, today more than ever, the elimination of most European people and confiscating the wealth from these parasitic families has become even more an object of necessity than ever before, should there ever be a true Liberation of the down-trodden and valuable classes that still exist in any European Country.

Sorry, but I’m not Sorry. Not all life has value, and by that measure, most lives do not have value! Our current world order and existential situation is concrete proof of that.

Civil War is the only way.

Always remember that in general, about 4.5 out of every 5 Persons is utterly worthless.

Europe, despite its long history and many Empires, has rarely had much opportunities present to reverse course or secure its future. Such instances which ever arise, are extremely few in the course of history, and can actually be counted only on both hands.

In America, the situation is a bit more complex in the hollowing out of the Caucasian Race, but what is most intriguing about it is that there is an ever-pervasive obsession that the Celts have in trying to preserve their own at the behest of everyone else, even imperiling the English [Anglo-Americans].

Considering that the English arrived here before the Irish, it is ironic how the Irish gained equal and sometimes superior footing than the English did, and that America has become more of a Judeo-Celtic Nation than a Judeo-Anglo Nation, however these results stem from the American Civil War.

Getting rid of the English, Celts, and French should be a policy of necessity, pursued in America, and ironically the majority of Caucasians are of those lineages.

Most people who are not of Celtic Ancestry, do not understand the many secrets that the Celts do know, the secrets and mysteries of their racial lineage, which were handed down mostly through oral methods.

The Greeks and Romans know of these things, and from what I have studied about the English, the English are very well aware of the way the Celts are, which is why they suppressed them the way they did.

In that regard, I liken myself to a reincarnated spirit of Oliver Cromwell, in particular.

Except for his Puritanical Spirit and other values, but nonetheless he was no minor figure in the history of the English and had very astute political and philosophical opinions, especially when it came to the Irish.

The consuming hatred that Cromwell had for the Irish, was not in vain or from being misguided, but few would understand it if not coming to fully read and understand this historical figure. In some respects, he was ahead of his time on understanding the issue, in a way that many of his peers may not have. He is no ordinary English figure, but then again neither was Churchill, yet it is not a reflection of moral character. When one has a full understanding of Cromwell, you will understand he was not mad or delusional.

Cromwell had an elevated understanding about matters, even spiritual ones (not religious) that ordinary humans would largely overlook.

A Key difference between the English and the Irish or Celts in general, is that the English prefer to have civilization whereas the Irish / Celts do not.

The Irish and Celts as a race always work to hinder and undermine civilizations, and this is even greatly documented by the Romans which is why Hadrian’s Wall was built in the attempt to contain them, as the wicked and ill-tempered ways of these Celtic people became costly to the Roman Empire and also of its Men [Soldiers].

It is a tragedy that we do not have more Scandinavians and Nordic people in general, in this country compared to the racial trash we must deal with in these times.

5 thoughts on “Europe to become a backwater and repeat mistakes dating back to even the 14th century

  1. As convincing as this post sounds, you’ve openly admitted in other places that you’ve never been to certain European countries, including the UK. It really shows in observations like this.

    I’m sorry to break the news, but most Scandinavians are nothing like what you want them to be.

    Maybe if you tried actually visiting the UK and communicating with people, you’d realise that there are still a lot of high quality Anglo-Saxons. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to turn around the rot.

    Also, removing the ‘English’ from the USA (where they are already an extreme minority) would not improve America at all. Quite the opposite. Not to mention that Scandinavians have always been more destructive in their own way than even the English.

    Why the unjustified praise? Scandinavians literally get mixed out of existence everywhere they go, due to their degenerate race-mixing. They are so weak they can’t establish a permanent presence anywhere.

    Let’s see the Anglo-Saxons as farmers who successfully expanded around the world, but unfortunately failed to establish a decisive group identity against their Norman overlords. That failure has basically hung over them as a large mass, like a curse, wherever they go. It often doesn’t apply to individuals or small groups though. Not to mention, they have some of the valuable individuals we need to win.

    The idea of you throwing temper tantrums in your Massachusetts shithole about the UK (when you’ve never even been there) is a really sad thought.


    1. I would take Scandinavians any day over the other Establishment classes of America, so long as they have no political autonomy, they are a better guest among us.

      Realistically speaking, cannot deny that the UK would be superior to America at least culturally since it is a real country with a real history. There are undeniable attributes about it that have solid attributes as a Nation State that have obviously not carried over into America, and this even includes the Musical Subcultures as well. If the English were not with an arrogant pride and destructive in their Imperialism, they would be less problematic.


  2. I think another issue with the English is that it’s often quite difficult to pinpoint your actual opponent. The ‘Tarquin and Jocanda’ posh London crowd (think Tatler magazine) are very a small, distinct group, and it’s easy to mistake anybody who is fairly smart and articulate as upper class or upper-middle class.

    There is still a kind of Germanic attitude in some quarters. For example, there is a lot of respect for R&D, engineering and design, just not from the ruling class. It doesn’t pay, it’s not respected, and the overall conditions are not suitable to bring those qualities out to their fullest potential.

    The people know they’re not in a civilisation-building phase, which is why they’ve at least temporarily given up on a lot of these aspirations. It has to fit with the spirit of the time.

    I can see these upper-middle-class sell-out careers (in banking, law etc) becoming deeply unfashionable in future, so nobody will want to be associated with them. This is a sign that the culture is changing in a direction that is favourable to us.


    1. All makes sense, considering that the original English people are from Germans. But today, less of them have fully Ancestry as they did in times past, because even the Royal family itself is riddled with Celtic Blood here and there.

      I don’t think anyone would be able to seriously deny R&D or industrial qualities that came out of England, because even the Germans many times remarked on things that impressed them on England’s quality of design in nearly every field, just as the Kaiser was envious of the British Navy. The problem between Germany and England is a tribal one of rivalry and a disagreement over hegemonic issues in the world, and in particular over managing Europe and then there is the Jewish question.


  3. Interestingly enough too, although America was an English creation, it’s interesting to note how inferior the fashion sense is in Americans even in present time to the English in the sense of their personal tastes and what is available in the markets. And every American variety that is similar just never gets it right.


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