Germany is still a hotbed of Jewry as ever before

There is a large class of the German Population today which have gone to great lengths to hide their Jewish Ancestry, more so in modern times, but there were cascades of efforts that took place to ensure Jewish prominence in Germany immediately following World War II by the Allies, and also leading up to the formation of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik.

In fact, with the aggressive campaigns in the DDR to pretty much bring back everything exactly that was defamed and despised by the Nazis, the DDR had all kinds of Jewish Intellectuals at the head of the State and throughout its reign, and even songs banned by the NSDAP leadership were put into use.

Jews had become even more of the mythical “German-Jew” after the Third Reich, than they had before, which is why there is so much less of a focus on the Jewish Ancestry of so many of the leaders in these countries, for example like Angela Merkel.

Even the current prime minister of Germany, Olaf Scholz, is a Jew.

The head of the WEF and one of the biggest mouthpieces during the COVID-19 Agenda, is a Jew by the name of Klaus Schwab.

Giving Germans a bad name and predicating on the myth that German people are always up to no good.

Almost all heads and Most Ministers in Germany today, whether in Finance, including in Big Tech, Medicine, Science, Astronomy, Media and nearly every sphere of influence in Germany, are riddled with Jews.

Political parties like the SPD, but even the AfD are full of Jews.

And when the head of a department or someone subservient to the Jew, is not Jewish, it is always the most effeminate, obedient specimens of a German who is occupying the seat of that position.

It is such a disgrace that after Herr Göring’s hard work in eliminating the Jews from Germany, how quickly they were brought back in, and the fact that Göring’s brother Albert worked behind his back during all of his efforts, to bring Jews back to Germany.

There there is the fact that Albanians, Greeks, Italians and Spaniards all helped to protect and feed Jews during the war-time, which were later brought back into mainstream life in Europe or which had fled elsewhere.

Too many people are in love with the Jews. They are obsessed with the Jews, infatuated and worshiping of them. We are living in the most Jewish Century on Earth, even more so than the 20th century was, and we stand at the precipice of the Messianic Era they wish to bring about.

Remember as always, that there will never be a solution for Europe so long as the Jewish Question is never resolved for all time, and this means that the race and the 0.01% breeds of them are entirely liquidated.

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