The Cry of Racism is actually a denial of participation in Racial Civil War

Just as any animal would never think of other animals to be “racist”, even among its own species, an animal instinctively understands that any potential outsider is a threat to its territorial grounds and its desire to breed and propagate itself.

Bluebirds and Catbirds are close relatives to common birds like Robins and Thrushes, but even they will vy for dominance, and of these species, it will usually be the Robins or Thrushes that come out on top.

People who cry about Racism are actually weakened shadows of their own Racial People from yesterday, because instinctively, Men of their own tribe who are at least mature and racially conscious in a normal way, do not blame other races for being “racist”, understanding that a given people will always instinctively fight for and go to and defend the interests of their race, first and foremost.

This behavior is not taught, it is instinctively programmed into us just as much as the need for breathing, eating, sex and for sleeping.

It is a complete joke that people of the era we live in think that they will somehow eradicate “racism” or that it is something that needs to go away, so on and so forth, but the real problem is that they do not recognize what a Race is, and the fact that Race is a Sub-species.

Even Birds recognize their is a pecking order among themselves, and in greater times of European Influence, Barbarian Races understood where their place is in this pecking order.

The fact that there is discussion or debate, or such open dialogue in our times that Barbarians can so openly and freely debate and discuss these topics, is a sign of chronic decline and peril, more like a game where the mice will play when the cat is away.

Inferiors always know they are Inferior, and the only people who want to deny that some races are naturally inferior, are people who reject nature.

It doesn’t matter what an Inferior speaks of, or professes that he believes, because when things come down to the most basic levels and needs of survival, the Inferior will always demonstrate their character of savagery.

It is actually a disgrace, in the Western World, that our people today have become by and large, tolerant of discussions and debates about Racism and White Supremacy, when in former times, a Caucasian Conqueror’s stare at the Barbarian was enough to get him on his knees.

Make no mistake, many European People are Barbarians too, it’s not just Non-Caucasians.

If you are not of Pure Greek [Hellenic], Pure Roman or Pure Germanic Descent, you are a Barbarian, and you will always be a Barbarian.

In former times, you would be answering to a Greek or Roman Conqueror.

Today, you should be answering to a German Conqueror, and it is for this same reason that even under artificial edifices and institutions in the EU for example, Germany is still looked at as the Center for leadership and pretty much any idea that takes form in the EU bloc.

This is not to say that Germany is on the right path in these times, because clearly it is not, and the country is making enormous political and economic mistakes, being under American occupation.

But we had striven for many centuries in asserting our Dominance, and even to depose British Hegemony from this world.

Our role and regard by others, did not just magically happen overnight.

True Germans are not afraid to be Racist, or to correct and influence something over a Barbarian at any time, for any reason.

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