Making Laws that deem and punish Women as sexual predators is revolutionary.

It is alarming how much the Justice scales are tipped against Men and in favor of Women in these times, but the era is upon us where the damage Women have done in societies will create such a demand that Men will have to use violence and the heavy hand of law to treat Women.

If a Woman in any way weaponizes her body, uses it for ill-intended purposes, or to make money or tease Men, she should be punished with torture and systemically registered as a Sex Offender.

Imprisonment would be a lucky chance for her, because sexual deviance in Women including infidelity calls for burning them in the public square.

The first step in eliminating the problem with Women is legislation and attitudes must no longer permit the viewing of Women as a victim, or that she may be prone to being a victim or disadvantaged compared to the Man.

Women are pretty damn vicious, and for this reason, Women should have less rights in society, more restrictions and more laws placed against her, as she is Not a Sovereign Vessel as a Man.

Only Weak, Pathetic, Stupid Men look at Women as victims or want to help them with everything.

Women need to be treated on the same level as if they were a Man but without Sovereign Rights of Men, and therefore this means never having a Man sacrifice for her.

The National Socialists gave Women the right to vote, however we see that as an experimental tendency, and it violates our Prussian Tradition of suppressing the Woman and regarding her as the inferior.

Europeans always should look to Prussian Standards when it comes to how to treat and regard Women.

If the era which calls for enacting Laws against Women for their behavior cannot be pursued, Men should refrain from sexual relations and use violence.

The problem is that not enough Men use violence, hence Laws have been put into place. If Men disregarded these bogus laws and used violence anyways, the laws would vanish. Or you have to be smart enough to know how to defend yourself against the Misandry laws.

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