Why Immigrant Cultural Contributions are often worthless

There are fundamentals in a people, which matter strongly above and beyond all categories of life.

Some Barbarian Races may cook great food, or have certain traits about them which may seem admirable from time to time, but they can be potentially destructive to the landscape of your country, just as a beautiful animal that can tear up your lawn.

Very few races are capable of improving and innovating upon another culture, if they come into contact with it.

We have a lot of problematic immigrants in America who are not just among Blacks and Hispanics, but there are many problematic people like Albanians, Syrians, even some Romanians and others as well. The worst elements of these countries are brought over to the USA, and systematically are prioritized for gaining precedent here when they are given an opportunity. Many times they will also own multiple houses and have other types of benefits that allow them higher upward mobility than an everyday individual citizen.

The problem is many of these Races lower the standards and quality of European Civilization, if even they may also have European or Aryan ancestry or origins of some sort, because they have higher tolerance for corruption, and engage in activities that are questionable or otherwise not typically clean. Many races may also not assimilate or be actively as part of society, and Great Civilizations cannot afford to have anti-social elements that live and breed within them.

The other fact is that there is habitual lying as a course of everyday actions among most Barbarian Races who are not of Nordic Origin.

It is not such that people do not tell lies from time to time in general, everybody does, but some races as I have claimed before, lie just because it’s something they do or due to some very twisted insecurities or other social issues and bad character they bring from their Homelands, which will inevitably become a new acceptable trend in the land they immigrate too.

Arabs and Persians for example, many are disgusting two-faced liars, they lack honor and very few Islamic Clerics today will speak the truth of how degenerate their people have become along with their Materialistic Tendencies.

US Intelligence Agencies and in particular the CIA regularly employ and use Iranians, while Iranians are known worldwide as major operatives in espionage and deception, and that they have had a large hand in destabilizing the Arab world.

Many Races love to be people pleasers, ESPECIALLY if they gained an immigration foothold on suspicious terms and they will do things like give a time for something that they either have no intention to deliver or don’t really know when something will commence, but will tell you to “come back tomorrow”, and when you “come back tomorrow” they look at you like an alien because you actually showed up and they didn’t mean tomorrow “quite literally” and thought you would understand that.

Moreover, even non-verbal communication is vastly different among other races.

Liberalism has concocted a worldview which ignores the different Racial Attributes of a people in the ability to assess them as a Racial People, and loves to constantly stir the pot and suggest that everybody needs to just somehow “get along”.

The differences and nuances among various races are too great to be ignored

Civilizations which bring in all kinds of immigrants from all parts of the world, even if they do not miscegenation, it still causes dissonance and a jarring effect in communication and even living among them, along with untold levels of psychological trauma.

Part of the Free Floating Anxiety that exists in Western Nations today, for example, is unknown or misunderstood but is an indirect consequential effect of on-going Mass Immigration.

It is a large reason why Mental Illness and Substance abuse is also on the rise, because this Anxiety makes people feel less at home where they live, and there is no sense of Gemütlichkeit among when even entering an establishment.

Societies which bring in immigrants from many parts of the world become less trustworthy and more anti-social over time.

In general, immigration is a process that should be frowned upon for any country, as the Ethnic Makeup should always be at least 95% or more of Native Population, and the remaining 5% at best should only be circumstantial situations if for example a certain people have some cultural common grounds or other reasons to be part of a particular society.

If “the story” coming from these Immigrants who escaped their torturous conditions of their homelands were even remotely admirable, then it would be reflected in their character and they would live in squalor and humility in the host country they have taken up residence in, and they would have the tendencies to live in an honest and clean manner. Notice how that is almost never the case. They are here for opportunity and their own benefit only, and to replace / weed out culture.

In classical cases of refugees who move or settle into another country or region, where the cases were legitimate and they made contributions to the culture, interactions with the such people leave a lasting impression of living history.

In former times, America did bring in better elements from Europe, from countries like even Greece, Italy or Poland who did make very powerful influences and contributions into American life, however these effects were very short-lived. The Anglo-American policy made a lot of these hard workers take undesirable and dangerous jobs, but yet allowed worse elements to thrive in their place. For this reason today the Italians in America are a complete embarrassment, nobody likes them, since the destructive policies of America had allowed the Mafia to flourish, and notable for the Redneck of the Italian peoples [From Naples] to gain precedent over all the others who came in various Immigration Waves. In America, over 90% of Italians who exist in the country today are from Napoli, the lowest of the low, and it is why the reputation of Italians has become what it has.

Some Empires throughout history have attempted atomized multi-ethnic enclaves, such as the Ottoman Empire did, but one need to take a close look at the history of it to see what their structural challenges were in maintaining that Empire.

In addition, should an Empire expand its frontiers over a greater area and in conquering other people, it must decide the best course of managing the Imperial Reach. Even the Romans knew to what extent a people should be “Romanized” or how to be integrated, when conquering another part that they integrated into the Empire, but over time they had lost that significance.

Even Latin-American countries, despite more or less being of variously similar admixture levels and mostly speaking the same language overall, have enough internal squabbles and cultural differences on their own that are bad enough to where they also dislike immigrants from brotherly Nations of theirs and will mock their neighbors even down to different ways they might have of doing certain things. There will always be the tendency for Superior Elements to assert themselves over the Inferior. Mexicans for example, will always see the El Salvadorians as a cheaper version or rip-off of a Mexican.

If Cheap Labor is a measure of replacing a Caucasian job for a Mexican who will work for less, then the pursuit of “Ultra Cheap Labor” or selling a failed Mexican business would next be handed over to the El Salvadorian. This is no secret even among Latin-Americans themselves, or specifically in this case with Mexicans.

The Albanians are basically the Poor Man’s version of Greeks and Italians, lacking identical charm, empathy or passion, go around trying to pretend they them, taking up their jobs and pizzerias for willingness to work even cheaper.

Albanians have some of the lowest levels of empathy, shoddy and shallow as a people, no depth of character or refinement, completely distinguishable from Greeks and Italians by this measure alone, even though Greeks and Italians today are also a shell of their greater ancestors.

The Greeks and Italians who have sold their businesses to Albanians is a subtle admission to the fact that Greeks and Italians have become “spent races”, however inferior races who may take over their place are not necessarily always spent races.

The behavior of Greeks and Italians, from our Germanic view, demonstrates that these people have thrown in the towel and given up, as a people. Having allowed Greed to consume them, and spoiling their children beyond the point of losing all initiative to continue their race and culture in various forms.

Greeks today in America are obsessed with owning and acquiring Real Estate and monopolizing it so they can use it as an Eternal Cash cow on the backs of others.

Collectively as a people, the Greeks deny that the bulk of their race has been compromised by both Persian and Slavic elements.

Even some Mexicans who live and work in areas of the USA without historical precedence of their families, have decided to move back home or who otherwise view themselves as Higher Class, have allowed more El Salvadorians and Venezuelans to take over their eateries and related establishments.

Look at the trash heap today that has become of Berlin. It does not feel like Germany at all.

In America, I liken the Detroit / Dearborn area of Michigan to be our version of Berlin.

A total trash heap of undesirables.

The best policy for Caucasians to mitigate claims and cries of Racism from Non-Whites is to unashamedly and brazenly show one’s Racist Attitudes instead of denying it or using sympathetic tones. It is better to demonstrate how one is Racist to all, and why everyone is a Racist, showing how it is a part of Human Nature and even the Animal Kingdom, thereby dismantling the notion of one being a Racist. It is the only working strategy, since it will shut their mouths.

Pointing the finger at someone as being a “Racist” is as silly as taking notice to the fact that someone is breathing or sleeping as if it’s not a normal habit.

In the long run, Races only get ahead [if they do at all] by combined superiority of majority members of a given people. It makes or breaks them as a people. Inferior Races never progress.

The English and Ulster-Scots, who are the Establishment stocks of Americans, had made a very grave mistake in the bogus idea of trying to believe a people can just identify as “Americans” and created a disastrous Immigration Policy / Idea. And Hence, it is they who normalized the notion of declaring anyone who uses a hyphenated identity in the country as an “enemy” or “threat” to their Republic, since the idea of Americanizing people was on the basis that they simply speak English and adhere to American values, namely, Democratic values.

Of no exception is with the German-Americans, for our people were always viewed by the English as a potential threat here, so long as we adhered to our German Values and identified as such.

Despite any accomplishments America had made for itself, in the least becoming a recognized capable Industrial Powerhouse, the two greatest casualties that served as the Antibiotics against a thriving organized racial community, if one were to exist, was first the results of the American Civil War, and then secondly the Immigration Act of 1965.

The most Intelligent circles in America and Europe knew that the Civil War meant the end for America’s Republic, which still goes unappreciated today, and that the Civil War allowed the Rothschild Dynasty along with all of their sister Banking Interests, to gain a stranglehold on American public and economic life, even long before the creation of the Federal Reserve System Central Bank. Otto von Bismarck, no less, was one of the best informed Men on these matters. While Bismarck was a product of his time, it is surprising in a way that he had more optimism or positive views of America, but perhaps the true color of America were not evident enough at that time in the 19th century and before the World Wars which would follow his death.

Many Europeans saw America as a place of opportunity and away from the rigid, bureaucratic, restrictive ways in Europe, with so many issues of poverty and lack of work, while America was viewed as the land of milk and honey.

The American Civil War was nothing but a charade, while giving the precedent to the “North”, there really was no winner in it because the Banking and Corporate Powers took over America, and it served as a great distraction for them to be able to move on in, while dismantling the Nordic Elements that would have progressed in America.

I have some upcoming entries that will be published at some point down the road, fully breaking down the American Civil War and also Prussian elements who fought on both sides of it.

Trojan Horses have always been the best way Nations are conquered and divert all attention to changes, just as with the modern COVID Agenda and Ukraine situation. Trump and the entire years of Media Hype over Impeachment, Re-election, Insurrection and so forth, are also Trojan Horse distractions as well.

America’s Destiny, where it has chosen to go, is to become one like Africa, but whereas the Replacement Members will be largely of Hispanic Descent, and existing like a forgotten Backwater or Banana Republic. A Land where nobody is home, and you aren’t even a citizen of your own country, despite legal paperwork that might say otherwise.

The greatest curse of Multicultural societies, is that they force everyone to forge destinies, interactions and growth (even if unintended) with Non-Native elements, which otherwise could have been forged destinies and interactions with people of like Race and Mind.

As such, Life and Standards becomes much more Boring, Mediocre, Corrupt and Lower in Standards over time.

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