Don’t even think or debate about Saving and Protecting White Women

The majority of them are completely long dead and gone. They are just whistling past the graveyard, and only a fool with a Christian conscience would entertain such silly notions.

You must be a Man who has enough self-respect for your Sovereignty to stomach the idea of witnessing your own savage racial women starve and suffer.

They deserve it.

The Grim Reaper, needs to come do his long overdue handiwork, so to speak.

Nature and the Natural World is full of so much beauty even in the odd ugliness of things, and we must recognize that the snake is eating it’s tail, and that we are at the end of a cycle which must end with a cataclysmic event, even that it may mean no renewal either.

On the other hand, if these filthy whores manage to even survive through the coming storm, it’s only a question about who will capture them and hold them ransom as Slaves to either be used or sold, because that will be the only use for them and even at that, Western Women have highly toxic minds and bodies, so they are actually even low value slaves. They would be sold very cheaply.

Caucasian Women who have maintained their honor, integrity and purity in every interpretations of those words, are few and far between, and only such specimens as those are worthy of securing.

Women are routinely cheap with Men and give Men nearly nothing but an idea, therefore it is wise that a Man acts very cheaply with Women.

One time as I passed a gas station some rough looking woman came up to me out of nowhere and says she needs a strong, built Man to come fix her tire. Pretty much demanding it from me.

I say to her “Oh yeah? Well, I can’t do anything for you.”

Gender Segregation, as I have warned about, is becoming a major trend now in the West, and will continue to accelerate.

Men and Women are pretty much no longer ideal for one another because of genetic tampering with the races, intermixing and subversive Propaganda with Feminism that has ensured it.

And when you tie in the genetic changes and infertility that Women now have after taking the clot shots, not only can they not have kids, but they have even longer duration menstrual cycles which means more aggravation and pissy moods from them.

Particular areas of society I have noticed that gender segregation has been growing, while generally in the workplace when and if possible, Coffee Shops and Gyms are becoming places where the opposite sex is increasingly more bothered to be around each other.

Remember as always, that White Women who own dogs and tattoo themselves secretly despise themselves and are crying for validation because they know they are losers at life.

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