Why Only Germans have the right to be Arrogant, unlike Barbarians

It is true that we are Arrogant, but we wear our Arrogance as a badge of honor, because we are entitled to it.

When a German is Arrogant, he is arrogant not for the sake of wanting to seek self-glorification and to be freed of responsibility, but instead because he wants to maintain simplicity, efficiency and to eliminate nonsense at every step of the way, even from the slightest of situations or circumstances.

Only Germans are capable of not allowing things like fame, wealth or other matters in getting to his head and changing him as a person.

This should never be assumed about Barbarian Races.

And the evidence is in this is the fact that the Barbarian is confused and intimidated by the German once he recognizes just how pervasive and thorough this mentality is ingrained in our people, and that it applies to literally every aspect of our lives, and that we take it so seriously and let alone, refuse to be in a circumstance where we are not taken seriously.

This is where the English are a completely opposite breed of Germanics than us, because they love irony, sarcasm and defense mechanisms, which Germans rarely ever will resort to and it even boils down to a completely different humor style among us.

The German race is not understood because it can possess the most tactless, brutal and unmannerly forms of Arrogance with what would otherwise seem an Unearthly sense of Humility at the same time.

The English, essentially found this to be frightful and also menacing in the competition for hegemony over Europe, in addition to all the other German breakthroughs which would have spelled great challenges for the British Empire to remain relevant into the future.

Barbarians are always looking for the shortcuts in life, and once they receive the designated attention and invincibility they need for success, it always reveals the true color of their character. Once their little world begins to ride itself and where everyone else is doing everything for them, they begin to become lazy and change.

Barbarians, while capability of humility from time to time, only do so when they either have no choice in life, or as a transitional and fleeting sentiment.

However, if our race does not practice endless discipline to ensure that our Arrogance is in line with reality and the proper course of history and how to be, it becomes our greatest curse that will lead us to bottom of the pits of hell.

The greatest example of this is how the German People today have largely embraced the COVID Cult and the masking and vaccination campaigns.

This may be one of the most un-German activities ever embraced by our people historically, after the periods of Religious Wars between German Tribes, and I make no exaggeration.

No great nation in history has ever been without flaws or historical and political errors, however Germany has always had a history of trying to iron out its wrong ways and turns, and this was even true during the dreaded Weimar Republic.

Although everyday Germans lived in far more poverty-stricken conditions and tyrannical ways that were prevalent during that time, Germany had always maintained a contingency plan, even that at the least during the Reichswehr, of what to do or what would be essential for Germany to “self-correct”, so to speak. This character and element was not lost among our people, but there was a level of demoralization and uncertainty from the battering that hit our people in losing WWI, therefore nobody was very trustworthy or certain about Germany’s problems ever being able to be addressed, even met reluctantly at times when the National Socialist gained more public trust, by figures like Ludendorff and Hindenburg.

Going back much further, the Holy Roman Empire, even when it faded into nothing, the memory and ambitions and have etched a permanent memory and spirit into our people that was not lost, and had reincarnated into the new Reich.

It is the utmost German in Character to face this world head-on every day, even despite the hopelessness around us and the pathetic Zombies, by carrying on with the most Arrogant, Bigoted and Hot-headed Manner as if our Methods and Ways are Universal Law, and to view anyone against us as a foe.

A Barbarian is called a Barbarian for a reason.

The English consider us to be brash and without manners and etiquette, and they are correct.

A True German is still primed in the mentality of the 19th century and earlier, and it is ONLY this mentality which can ever carry us through even into the future if there is any, even in the most bizarre scenarios or dire circumstances, to maintain true to this character and our principles.

It is not regarded as greatly in our era as it ought to be, just how bad and corrupted Men became into the 20th century.

Our Ancestors have fought and lost many battles and Men, and it should be a complete disgrace that Modern Germans are content with a True Police State and to don a slavery device over their faces.

A Comparison to a so-called “Police State” under the Third Reich is a bad comparison, because it was only a Police State for the criminal classes, fifth column and Communists or Degenerates, Religious Extremists and other undesirables who were nothing but tumors on the face of the German People and Nation.

Working, Cultured Germans lived freer than Americans have, and even the Soviet Soldier was in shock and horror about this when having reached Berlin.

We often hear about the complaints, many Capitalist Democratic people claim about Nazi Brainwashing, with the statement “Dies dient Ihrer Sicherheit” or “This is for your security / safety”.

What Barbarians will never understand about German methods, was that this was never something ideologically applied to be some mechanical and deadpan rhetoric of government hijacking your life.

Germany meant business, and its words were true. Germany had security threats within and without, and the Third Reich had not only the necessity but the duty to defend its people against Bolshevism.

Prideful nations like the UK and America will never admit until their last dying breath that the German Extremism and Fanaticism was necessary, and hell, yet not extreme enough! In the attempt to permanently break the back of Bolshevism and eradicate it from this world.

In addition, Anarchy is NOT a European value, and no respectable European would promote Anarchist views. A Government must have a different ambition for being a Ruling State than is typically associated with Governance, and it must be ruled in the Autocratic method whereby the best of the blood is ruling, and where the actual Statesmen are first and foremost Philosophers and Priests, the source of Spiritual Enlightenment for the people.

The role of a Statesman as a “Politician” is just a means of execution for organizing the State.

The Nation of Germany has made unprecedented bad steps since 1945 that have completely taken us off course, far from anything ever having been imaginable as status quo among our people.

Understand, that if we are to maintain our identity as Germans in any form in this world going forward, that even if it means total separation in involvement from any other group which is against us, that we must pursue this course to maintain our honor, no matter how cold and burdensome of a reality that it leaves.

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