Caucasians are Poised to become #2 on the list of most brainwashed and subverted Race, only second to Negroes

In the historical context of the future, in earnest, the Caucasians of all varieties are being poised to fall in the history books as the most easily able to be influenced and brainwashed race, second to that of the Negro.

The worse position of this fate, is the fact that Caucasians have become the World Conquerors and have maintained this status of being true World Civilizers through different eras, for many thousands of years.

The large majority of them demonstrate just how eager they are to give up their role, and for that matter, have already given it up.

Even the way religions like Christianity play a role in the brainwashing of Caucasians, is even different than how other Nations process this religious dogma.

Perhaps no other race but Caucasians have demonstrated the highest level of willingness to discard all Primal Instincts, even at the behest of lying to themselves and their tribe, deceiving their tribe and to show a ridiculous level of empathy for other races, and none for their own.

This is a grave error and destructive consequence among Western Nations.

There are no other other races on Earth who have higher empathy for other races than their own, and even Hispanics, who have lower IQ in general, are generally not deceived by such silliness, explaining also why their prevalence has increased in America over the White Population.

This trend is pretty much irreversible, and it can even be experienced by ordering a cup of coffee.

A tragedy in the making, because the Caucasian American variant is always found appearing “clueless” and “scattered-brained”, compared to her Hispanic co-workers even in this simple example.

At this rate, even Brazilian Women and Russian Women have far surpassed value of over 90% of Western Women, and that is not only extremely dangerous, but the fact is that while other races may be willing to work hard or retain culture, the thing is they will inevitably lower the standards of quality and never be able to forge First World Standards.

It is inherently factual about them as a race.

For example, while Asians generally have the highest IQ’s in the world, they are much quicker to mentally calculate and process information compared to any race on earth except the Jews, the Asians, like the Jews have nearly no empathy whatsoever. Jews have no empathy period, but Asians have very little of it.

But yet the Asian is only capable of copying and emulating Western Inventions.

The fall of quality in Western Women, and to some good extent Western Men, has to do with the on-going genetic pool corruption, but which is most notable the worst in the US, UK and Canada and the runner-ups being Western and Central European Nations.

But some Caucasians have homogenous populations among themselves which are exclusively money-driven, and this is especially true more so in the Anglo-Saxon countries like the USA.

For so many decades now, and under the direction of the Vatican’s influences and standards of Marriage, the large amount of people who have been procreating come from Psychopathic, Greedy, Money-Oriented family.

The chase and drive for obsession with Money and only Money, is genetically wired into people’s DNA.

While all people like and want money of course, there is a difference between those who are exclusively all about it, and those who would like it but lack the unscrupulous nature that most Western Businessmen possess.

If you look at the majority of Fathers of White Women in upper class society in countries like America or the UK or even France and elsewhere, the majority of their fathers are Bald.

It is not natural, save for diet or bad genetics that Men Bald so much as we see, but these Men are Bald as I have talked about, because they are cunning types.

The majority of Men looked up to in society are ones who are “bald”, so much so that it’s become viewed as a Hallmark of Success and High Testosterone, even though primal nature and instinct understands these traits along with menacing brow ridges and high foreheads in these types to be Low Testosterone Men who have bad genetics and would otherwise be criminal and undesirable to procreate with!

As I mentioned in the past, you don’t see as much of that particular issue in the Scandinavian Countries, despite the fact that they are Democratic and have problems with Feminism. Sure it may exist a little bit, and there are always Men who may Bald at some point in their life, but it is not something that should be predominant as a rule.

Throughout older times of History, in fact before the 1800’s, Men were prized on their ability to grow fine hair and especially if thick and vibrant, it would often represent his status among society. It was an indicator of Wealth, Virility and his Health.

Now, everything is reversed, and Women instead, seek out Bald, Criminal Men for many decades now in the West. Baldness was also often associated with being shamed or being a slave, for the most part unless one’s career or some situation excluded such a Man.

The prevalence of this issue is really great in our society, so much that Bald Men are trusted more than Men with hair in any occupation.

All of this changed once phrenology became written off as “Psuedo-Science” in the Western world.

Now we are paying the price for it.

Our Organization is perhaps one of few, with the exception of Future Eugenicists who may ever be willing to speak for and highlight the Fall of the West and especially America based on its adherence towards making Money and Chasing Success as the be-all end-all in life affairs, even down to which Men women will be willing to get under the sheets with, giving birth to endless new generations and family lines in the tree, who will also exclusively exhibit this behavior.

There is almost no genuine interest for Good Eugenics in the world anymore, and in most cases the only interest for Eugenics is how to enslave and degrade the gene pool of a population. That is what has been in practice by world governments and other entities.

America, Canada and the UK for the most part, without exception, now only possess Genetic Pools of which the Women literally have nearly NO attraction to Men whatsoever, except for his Money and Success.

If we are to even take other populations of Women say in Sweden or Russia or elsewhere, even if these Women are materialistic and want money, they do have a sense of importance in wanting to be physically and sexually attracted to a Man. There are some variations of that to a degree in Sweden of course as well, but nowhere near as bad as US, UK and Canada.

Most Women in US, UK and Canada are either openly or discreetly lesbian or asexual, or take on the label “bisexual” so they can sleep with Men on one hand to have access to his wallet and status, but really actually prefer girls. Take for example, the case with Amber Heard with what she did to Johnny Depp. These are celebrities of course, but it will get you to understand where I am getting at.

The Gene Pools in America, UK and Canada are totally irreconcilable.

This is also for the most part true in Germany as well, but Germany is in far much worse position on that matter than the Scandinavian countries, despite other Demographic issues or the degree of Feminism and Career-seeking by these horrendous Women.

It is as if the bad bacteria in an organism have completely taken over and rooted out all the good bacteria in the environment, so it’s like having a garden full of weeds, and the weeds have become so powerful and numerous, they have inhibited any possibility of valuable plants and flowers to grow.

Bad Bacteria get their way over the Good Bacteria in organisms, by pretending to be “good”, so as to outwit the other Bacteria Colonies. Isn’t it interesting, considering how Humans and Animals also consist largely of Bacteria?

The Bacteria also determine whether an organism is to entirely live or whether it is to be put to death. They have more control over this factor than anything else, even organ failure alone.

The process of this genetic replacement in the Anglo-Saxon countries is nearly complete, and the remaining specimens of valuable genetics which may live in any of these Nations and other European ones, will likely never reproduce or continue their genes.

It is for this reason why you rarely ever meet anyone these days who absolutely stands out from the crowd or does their own thing, everyone is more or less the same, another filthy parasite which is just looking for the next way it can outwit and fleece someone for what they’ve got.

Worst of all, as I have mentioned in the past is that Young Men in these countries, especially among Generation Z, believe that it is normal that only a tiny proportion of Men in society get to continue on the Genes. The biggest load of nonsense ever told since the story of Jesus Christ.

The Men in these countries believe that Hypergamy is Human Nature in Women, only because they have been born into a world with a gene pool of Women that are predominantly wired to only have interest in money and consumerism.

This is however, not normal or natural.

Young Men are being taught by Social Media Influencers to accept and embrace these as facts, without being told that they have been hoodwinked and cheated out of their future by hedonistic and psychopathic people who compromise the gene pool, and that essentially these people need to be liquidated from society either through Euthanasia or Civil Wars to give fertile ground towards something new.

Instead, the Men are trained to just “live and build themselves”, to pacify them from organizing or engaging in ambitions of War against anyone.

Once again, why a Revolution is not on the horizon.

As you can see, Western People for the most part, including its Young Men, are actually willingly accepting and embracing, even promoting their enslavement.

Of all Caucasian Nations, the only one which might not suffer the reputation that the rest of the Caucasian World will in the history books, are the Russians.

But the thing is, Russians are only half Caucasian, and the other half Asian, for the most part.

The replacement of cultures whether it be from Russia, China or Brazil or elsewhere in terms of their displacing Caucasians, and especially Caucasian Women, is not a sign of progress or superiority, but it is in indicator of how far Caucasians have allowed themselves to fall, so much to where their Grass has become so brown and wilted that even the slightest amount of Green on the other side, makes it like the other Grass is all that much Greener and superior overall.

Capitalism and especially the Vatican for centuries, has taught Women to marry Men for Money and Status, and that a Man only has value for what he can produce and nothing else, and it has put a price on his ability to obtain a Wife.

He then willingly cooperates, particularly the Caucasian Man more than any other, and then he breeds more assholes into the genetic pool because he only sought out a wife based on his ability to earn and provide, believing that tolerating abuses, being cheated on, disrespected or having a miserable wife who isn’t sexually attracted to him, is the price to pay for even having access to a Woman.

“Sex Isn’t Everything” right!? As the Christians love to obsessively say!

Seek out almost all Successful Baby Boomer Men in America, inquire as to who controls the spending habits and finances in the house, and who holds the Checkbook. These Men will admit their Wives control it all!

The destiny for all Men in Anglo-Saxon Countries is to be viewed as nothing but value by what he produces and that his life must be his Career only.

While Work and Production are essential to life and civilization, it should not be the means by how all Women and Men size up other Men exclusively, but it is as such this way, and it is why these countries now operate in such a way that nobody recognizes anyone who is not some “Top Dog” in his field, and why if someone who is poor or even if perhaps genuinely homeless, is viewed and treated as a “nothing”.

If you even work as a Man in America at a glass factory or producing something and making a living, even that is still enough to make you viewed as a “nothingburger” by the predominant Men and Women in the population.

If you are not a Top Dog, you are nothing in their eyes, and not only do they not recognize such people, especially Blue Collar Workers, but they also see such as people as ones to be stepped on.

But these Americans love Capitalism and love that they have to “earn their way” towards access to Women!

An Ideal State Model, would be one that is almost exclusively Working Class and based on Production, so much that it’s not even really a concern as to what you are doing for a living or how successful you are, it’s just a part of the process of life, and that there are an abundance of jobs to where nobody really cares, because most people can generally afford a decent wage and are more concerned with meaningful aspirations in life that involve social activities with others, instead of boasting about your title and qualifications in a company, and being seen as “always busy”.

Construction Workers and many Male workers in America are so beaten-down and conditioned to take on abuses and work like a slave, that they believe only having Dunkin Donuts coffee for breakfast and barely allowed to have a lunch for a 14 hour day and while weight 400 pounds with diabetes and missing teeth, is a “good living” or a necessary evil to even be alive or have a family (wife and kids) to come home to.

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