Women Behave and Think like Criminals

Men, generally are indifferent to other Men, whereas Women are never indifferent to other Women and view every other Women as a potential threat and rival [enemy].

Outside of Criminal Syndicates, or with the excessive need for overcoming Online “Censorship”, Men never use “Code-speak” with other Men or even with Women for that matter.

It is Women who are always using Code-speak and hiding their intentions, saying one thing while meaning another.

Also, Women make no shame about their attraction and interest towards dating Criminals, while outside of Criminal Syndicates, you would almost never hear of a Man who approves of other Criminals and would ensure trust or interactions with such Men, unless they are involved in dirty money of course.

We must have total determination to break up and smash this society and world order that is determined to maintain the idea and notion that Men are only valued for Money, and whereby Male-Female interactions and genetic continuity is maintained by Financial Status and Circles, and whereby Natural Selection can be restored to its high.

Our greatest tragedy today is that the Majority of both Men and Women are directly related to the Majority of Women alive, and not equally towards the pool of Men left in our genetic populations, and the fact that these majority of genetics that are being handed down, come from Filthy, Greedy, Money-hungry, Narcissistic / Psychopathic and Parasitic Pathological Lying types.

We can only ultimately seek to bring about their extermination, otherwise there can never be a return to any semblance of freedom or meaning in this world on any level. They are a plague and bacteria that must be removed, all of them, and it is the duty of Men in all countries to pursue such ambitions for the cause of cleaning house in their own Nations.

Men must become familiarized with the fact that Women who hide attraction are not good people and absolutely have sinister intentions, and it needs to be recognized that such Women are absolutely Toxic and from bad Genetic Lineages.

Women who are dishonest about attraction, also have dishonest sex drives, and this naturally means that they will engage in deviant sexual behavior, which includes infidelity, experimenting with other Women or Transgender people, even their own Pets (especially Dogs), and that such Women are actually more only interested or turned on by a Man’s Wealth and what it can do for them, not to him.

Women who have dishonest sex drives are also horrible in the bedroom. They are like a chore to deal with and expect the Man to do all the work and drain the Man of his sexual energies in the bedroom, and then drain his wallet while he’s at the boardroom.

Women will always pretend or use victimhood to disguise and justify their dishonesty and actions towards others, because Women will always claim that she hides her attraction because of Women being “socially stigmatized” or deemed a “Slut” or “Whore”, so on and so forth.

Victimhood status for Women must be outlawed and not recognized.

But yet these same Women are never worried about social stigma by their own female friends or colleagues and others knowing about or seeing them dating multiple Men or being seen out in public with various Men, all the time, and are not concerned about being labeled a Whore or Slut for that. Instead, they find it “empowering”.

At the same time, none of them feel shame or disgust with the fact that they are all in knowledge about how many Multiple Men they are having sex with at any given time, and keeping roster lists of Men from High to Low Priority.

In addition as far as American Women, over 50% of American Women have Sexually Transmitted diseases at any given time, and a much higher percentage have dormant inactive strains of many diseases in them as well, and yet they shrug their shoulders over it and don’t think this is disgraceful or all that big of a deal.

Once you realize that nearly every word that comes out of a Female’s mouth is nothing but verbal diarrhea, you will understand why Women do not deserve to be granted any rights, and that she can only be treated on a provisional basis towards anything in society.

Honest and Better Women will never hold back their attraction instincts, as our natural and primal instincts are to NEVER hold back our reflex, and thus such Women will hold a stare with a Man they are attracted to without shame or guilt, despite society conditioning, and will go above and beyond everything, even the shame of others who may judge her to pursue a Man she genuinely likes, all Money and Status aside.

A Woman who can be conditioned to deny her own urges and instincts can be conditioned to also believe anything else, just like to become another COVIDIOT who views every Human as a walking disease factory, and she can be conditioned to also view you as a rapist and abuser, or any other given charge and false accusation against you that her friends, parents or society are capable to condition her in thinking.

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