Whites Will Lose To Colored People For This One Specific Reason

The only people in the world who are careful and cautious about appearing Pragmatic, Righteous and Lawful are Caucasians.

The Jews are using this to destroy Caucasians collectively, by guilt-tripping them through the Nobility of what it means to be Caucasian, and by the perpetual indoctrination of Christianity, and it’s destruction it has laid for over 2000 Years.

There are very few Caucasian people left in this world who are willing to stand up as Pariahs against the rest of the world, let alone their own people for the sake of losing their reputations or being humiliated or ostracized for it.

And when we look for such people like that, the most common class to find who are willing to be Pariahs are inevitibly the Criminal Classes.

We couldn’t care less what other people think of us, let alone the Modern German or European Masses, or the World’s population itself.

It should be known that the only Caucasian People which can ever expect to even have a whiff of a chance for survival, are those which are willing to be the most Ruthless, Daring Pariahs amidst the degrading, listless, mundane bourgeoisie and Corporate Drones which live their lives in Auto-Pilot.

Even in the best case scenario, Displacement of most European Races is inevitable in some shape or form because of unwillingness to perceive or stand up for the task that must be done to ensure Future survival and relevance. With the exception of Russia, even all the other Slavic Nations will eventually be over-run, it’s only a matter of time. At best, even Nations like Poland and others, are only 10-20 years behind the rot levels and fate in store for the rest of the Western Countries.

Assuming of course, whomever or whatever remains alive in the case of Nuclear War.

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