It is no surprise that Andrew Tate is being “taken down”, however do not be surprised if this is actually nothing more than a Smoke and Mirrors operation and it could actually be staged altogether, just like the so-called “Trump Impeachment”.

It’s Kabuki Theater, to say the least. There are a lot of things that do not add up with the story, but it appears as typical with any scenario of a typical “plant” who is systemically being taken down when their use has either expired, or if it is just done as a Smokescreen to create an effect on people who watch Propaganda.

For all we know, it is very possible Andrew Tate might not even be enduring any of these situations or even locked down, so it may just be character assassination for the public viewing, but even if it is fully as real as shown, the goal in mind is to stir an emotional response.

For example, with Trump’s alleged “Impeachments” and 2020 Election Loss, they had stirred both sides of the population.

The Left Wing believed Trump was going to be destroyed, fired from office and/or imprisoned or that there is a big deal about any of Trump’s “holding onto classified materials”.

The Right Wing were believing in the QAnon psyops, but also they are stirred up to believe he will be coming back for a 2024 Win.

Even the January 6th event was another great example of Kabuki Theater and Psyop Operations, run by Intelligence Agencies.

They had the Left Wing believing it was an insurrection (and yet they cannot stop talking about January 6), and they had the Right Wing thinking they were overthrowing the government or actually taking back their country or that Trump invited them to the event.

At the same time, both Republicans and Democrats all work with and for each other, as they have mutual [financial] interests, so they are all one in the same, but the Public believes them to be separate.

In fact, the whole notion that the Right-Wing has about Trump speaking out to them in “Codespeak” is actually completely a false notion and is by design to make people think he is fighting for them or has loyalty to them.

But Trump only has loyalty to Capitalists and especially his Jewish Handlers.

And the reality is that the January 6th event behind the smokescreen, was actually nothing more than a Sting Operation to help gather and identify what they deem as “Radical Extremists” and to have a grounds where many plainclothes agents and other agent provocateurs could capture photo identities of these people to later prosecute them, along with using provocation methods to get them to commit an act which they can later charge them with.

And that is exactly what has been taking place ever since.

The reason for going on about that is because I want you to think about it and relate it to what is going on with Andrew Tate’s sudden takedown, which also makes his Christmas Message he delivered to age “badly” in the eyes of his desperate and hopeful supporters, and suddenly makes him look like the impotent and yet not invincible Man he tries to make himself across to be.

From a lot of what we’ve been reviewing about Andrew Tate’s take down in Romania, it seems that this is more of a greater operation in having used Andrew Tate as an element and face cover for “Toxic Masculinity”, i.e. that the World Controllers spun him into the figurehead he became to exploit it and show the world the truth about Men who subscribe to such values or that they may potentially subscribe to such values as he does. (Whether truthful and valid points or cunning and egoistic notions, etc).

It also stirs up an element to make Men who do travel abroad to Eastern Europe or other countries to even more so be potentially viewed as “Sex Tourists”, so this effort seems to be aimed at targeting “Target Masculinity” as it is also perfectly timed when Male-Female relations are at their worst ever, and that the fuse is about to ignite.

Conveniently, Tate is a “Christian” when in a Christian Country, but yet a “Muslim” when in an Islamic country.

However, I will not complain that Paganism has not been blamed.

But it is likely that the effects this will have is that any Man who has been “grouped” under falling for the Andrew Tate cult, like they did with “MAGA” will be either profiled or viewed potentially by other Women as likely sharing his traits.

It may also be playing a discreet role in bringing about the Gender Civil War, because it will only make tensions rise further between Men and Women. It might also be used like #MeToo, and whereby the “Passport Bros” could be subject to further scrutiny, investigation even by authorities, if not actually put under more suspicion by the Local Women.

Nevertheless, Passport Bros is another psyop and scam as well, for very dumb Men who follow trends.

The days for Men to travel abroad and find his special bridge, are long over with after the Recession of 2007-2008. All the decent Women left are Married up, and actually they are much older now as well. People forget how time passes them.

I would not suspect in the least that many Women will research (if they have not already), and are trying to pick apart every detail of Andrew Tate’s personality and interests.

If a Man smokes cigars or regularly wears lounge clothing, or even uses word for word rhetorical statements that Tate has used, he might potentially be a “Toxic Type like Andrew Tate”.

If a Man is a conservative, he might be a “rapist” or “extremist”, like Tate.

If you see where I’m going with this.

Ironically, True Conservatives really do not exist much in this world anymore. As I have said in the past, Conservative Values [so-called] generally are only found in the gamut of populations who are Christian or highly religious.

And our Society is heavily Conservative to fanatical levels, Racial Policies and yet Lackadaisical Laws, and all. We believe in promoting Women in Music and Theatre, but also in restricting them from Leadership and to even Own Money or Property or even the Vote, while a Conservative might be more against Women being in the Music and Arts, but be open to the idea of Women owning property or have other rights.

So we are not “De Facto Conservatives” and yet both Conservatives and Liberals are both not our friends, being a Society that subscribes to Third Position Politics, but above all to Germanism in its truest sense.

The fact though is that Women do not want to admit they are wrong or that they are the problem in light of everything, and will not and cannot recognize that Men’s actions have only been a response to what Women do, because it’s the only way Men can survive, and on the biological level, it is also what insures the survival of the species.

Women lack empathy in general, and very few exceptions exist.

Women in the West are also “closing their legs even tighter than ever” these days now as well, as they are seeing the money and freebie pools drying up around them rapidly. They refuse to have sex with Men, because they do not like or want sex for pleasure, they use it for Money, and Men ought to recognize this. Sex with Women who actually are sexually attracted to you and even if they have an honest sex drive, you will not only know when it is real, but just how exceptionally rare they are.

And in fact, many Women who really enjoy sex also become Sex Workers, because it becomes possible to actually enjoy or tolerate a profession of something you are really into.

Similarly, only a person who is obsessed with cooking will become a Chef. An average person who enjoys cooking will not want to make a lifetime commitment of it unless he is ridiculously passionate about it.

Some countries may vary in terms of their overall proportion of Women who enjoy the sex versus those who do not, but for example while many Men get duped into believing that Eastern European Women (Namely, Slavic) Women are very sexual or will give you the sex of your dreams, you will be utterly surprised that they are nothing what you think they are or from the so-called “amazing experiences” many Lying Men will come back to report you about how perfect their Women are in bed. Slavic Cultures, – all of them – are highly repressive cultures, because it’s in their DNA, and as such, the only Women who very sexual and good at what they do inevitably get into Sex Work in those countries even more so than others. Slavic Women also are lacking in personalities and substance or seasoned character. But Many Men are fooled to believe they are “spicy” because they can be passionate. You’ll understand what the Slavic “Cold Winter” really is like from their personalities. In addition, many of them are highly conditioned by their religion. And have very negative attitudes towards Men. Around any Slavic or Eastern European girl, you will be accused of falsely cheating Many times, especially when./if you are ever away from them and have other commitments like work or traveling back and forth.

You may think that “Sex is not all that big of a deal” or a “small portion of someone’s life”, but these are falsehoods taught from Christian or religious Programming that has also lied to you about that.

There is also an even more nefarious motivation behind why Religions obsess over Sex being only for procreation, and it has nothing to do with trying to prevent people from becoming hedonistic. But of course, Christians will pretend through their rigid indoctrination methods that they are being pious by teaching you such nonsense.

Women who do not have honest sex drives and are not sexually passionate (but disciplined), are extremely dangerous, and it will inevitably mean that her Sacral Chakra is tied to money rather than sexuality first-hand. It is complex to explain the details for this entry, but Sex, Power and Money have shared attributes in the interfacing and connection of the Chakras.

If the Chakra is not grounded in passionate and visual attributes, also meaning that she is visual but also sexually honest and which would also translate to attracted to a Man for looks and personality, then it will become grounded in Cunning and Deceptive behaviors, which also look for dark attributes such as Money, Greed and Power. It also means she will control you with the sex.

Women who have dishonest sex drives, are the ones who will tell you it takes time for them to eventually become “sexually interested” in a guy, and that they are not aroused by his features.

90% of the Women in the world have dishonest sex drives, therefore they are toxic.

Only visual women can have honest sex drives and not be toxic.

Women who desire connection and to enjoy the sexual experience with a Man (in the same way Men do when with a Woman), do not and cannot really use sex as a Weapon against him [because they need it], because they would be punishing themselves just as a Man would not be able to resist his own desires for her.

Most Women freely admit they don’t need sex, in the way Men need it.

Such types are the most dangerous Women on earth.

Such Women are either having sex with you for Money, Power/ Drugs / Connections, or for Attention / Validation or even using you as Rebound Sex in the case of breaking up with their last boyfriend, because their self-esteem is low, and the sex gets rid of their guilt if they were able to satisfy the New Man, at least for that night.

Many Women also have sex with random Men to feel better about themselves after harshly rejecting other Men, especially if the Man made her feel bad.

These are reasons for example why Many Women Ghost Men or it’s a one-night stand and you never hear from them again, because the Sex was to give her an ego boost. But she may not have been legitimately physically and sexually attracted or into the Sex for sexual pleasure.


Get this through your head. Stop thinking with what you were indoctrinated to believe.

Do you see what the War on Lust has created!? Self-Denial, Repression and it then it leads towards some people practicing / engaging in Sexual Deviancy.

Women who would have sex with a Man for pleasure [genuinely] where she becomes attached, would not have inclination to falsely accuse the Man of rape or use sex as a weapon. The thoughts simply wouldn’t go through her head.

Nevertheless, there are Women who do also enjoy sex pleasurably and can also be cunning as well. But the difference can be found more in their personality type so as to see whether or not they are cunning. Women who are not cunning, are afraid to do wrong or to ever disappoint a Man.

Women who have no fear of their Men, are cunning. The fear could be something as simple as not living up to his expectations.

As a Man, you have responsibility for determining the sexual motivations and attributes of your potential partner, before you ever make the move to bed any girl, and it is also your responsibility in the case if you impregnate the girl, because you will be raising offspring which has such genetics. One does not want to raise more cunning offspring into this world.

Too many Men overlook these things. You must use your head and not let your impulses

These are things Men are never educated about, and it’s forbidden to be discussed because their is a hidden agenda behind it and its a part of breaking up societies and family tribes which all once began with purity.

So you must unplug from these ideas about the International Travelers and “Passport Bros” or what have you, suggesting a life that you’ve been told you are missing out on. I have traveled to these countries, and I know how their Women are. The only types of Men who would be happy and content with the other Women abroad, even Asian Women, are Men who have very simple minds but may also be a major Business Mogul or Entrepreneur who is usually naïve and doesn’t expect more than Traditional Values. A lot of them also don’t tell you that they paid for prostitutes, because those are usually the only girls that will give th not only give them good sex, but that it also becomes the only way they will usually ever get it, because it is even more difficult in those countries for most Men compared to Western countries, unless the Man has a lot of money or influence somehow.

I am not explaining these details by any means to promote prostitution, but it must be explained as to what you would be getting yourselves into, and to understand that generally speaking, you are not missing out on anything.

Many Basic Men in this world aren’t all that bothered by Boring, Mundane or Cookie Cutter Women so long as he will be her wife, cook and clean and raise his children.

In almost all cases of “Foreign Relationships” and especially if it’s a Regular Caucasian Men, especially either of Nordic or Mediterranean Stock, he will begin to find that his relationships with Barbarian Women will always seem like she is acquiescing to him and that there is a is not a harmonious difference by them being different, but that it more than often leads to a lack of similar mindsets or being able to connect in similar ways, because the Races all come from different Spirit Origins from different Stars.

The spirit and values of one’s Race are never all across the board with other races, irrespective of similarities or common values. The only recourse or refuge may be with another Sub-group within one’s own Racial Tribes (i.e. one Germanic Tribe with another Germanic Tribe relative. Maybe a German and a Swede).

Generally, most Races in this world have very shallow emotions, intellect and introspection.

This is especially true for Nordics as it would be for Greeks and Romans.

A Man who is inquisitive, intense, reflective and also who lives life off the beaten path, has no business with any of those Women, even outside of the consequences of Racial Intermixing, especially if you were to impregnate them. At the extreme end of things, you will become the “butt end” of jokes by her family, while they will claim and play the act of you being “Family” to them, the truth is that it’s all for simulation, as behind the scenes they know very well that you are not viewed literally as family.

As a Western Man, in many Barbarian countries, Barbarian Women will not hold your hand in public when walking even though they may agree to date or be in a relationship with you. If you end up being an unfortunate victim to that unfortunate fate, you will soon learn the real reason for it, and what ever reason the girl gives you, will always be a lie masking the real reason. Usually the lie will be in the light of them potentially being the one who ends up as a ‘victim”.

But all this should also explain to you why Andrew Tate is doing what he does out there, and just how much of a “Prostitution Ring” he is running. Why do you think he is not with a Traditional or run-of-the-mill Romanian Girl? It’s a question to ponder.

Countries like Romania, Ukraine and even Albania and other countries are hotbeds for Trafficking Activity and Prostitution Rings.

Feminism has infected everywhere across the globe, and in some countries, the Feminists are more aggressive in certain key attributes than other attributes.

Many of these countries Men are also very enthusiastic about their Women in general and completely indifferent to them. So you ought to question this. Why would these Women see you as any different!? Do not believe the Slavic Lies, for example about Women preferring Men who are not alcoholics and take care of themselves and work hard. They just use that to try to boost your ego and make you think you are seen as something special. You should question why the Men feel the need to consume so much alcohol even having those Wives or Girlfriends.

The only way a Man generally can know for certain without knowing a Woman that she is toxic and dangerous, is too look out for the lip-licking reflex or where the tongue drags across her lips or the corner of her mouth when you are talking to her, or just randomly licking it repeatedly. It is . But this applies to Toxic Men as equally, and Andrew Tate is of course a lip-licker. The people who have this reflex, do not have have empathy and are toxic and liars by nature.

There are of course other traits seen in the eyes, energy field and body movements, vocal inflections and other genetic attributes, but the average person does not have the time nor skill to necessarily investigate them closely enough to make a valid judgment, but the Eyes would come in as a close second indicator since the Eyes are, as the saying goes, the Window to the soul, and they connect right directly into your nervous system.

Andrew Tate’s beady, dead, black vortex eyes are also no coincidence.

So Women actually have the real and total wholesale blame for damaging heterosexual relations, because Men are generally rational, logical and reasonable beings to deal with. The same cannot be said about Women, ever.

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