A Quick Note About Freemasons

It should be well established that there is no such thing as a “Former Freemason”. As the saying goes, “Once a Freemason, Always a Freemason”. At least on the inside of the Fraternity, and secretly, this is well known between them, unless of course if someone did some truly dishonorable act that mandates the person to keep distance from every brethren and the fraternity organization, but even still, that person remains as a liability even in general, because the thing is, only ill-witted Men ever join the Fraternity of the Freemasons to begin with, it doesn’t matter which Order they belong too. Men who live by their wits and who live on impulse, become Freemasons, while ironically, Freemasonry portrays a façade about refraining from “Tempered Passions”.

But those rules entirely go out the window when it’s “party time” with the completely uninhibited secret lifestyles that these cretins live when allowed to fully unleash their primal side.

The “blackballed” Freemason, will forever be monitored for the rest of his life, and under particular orders or other conditions especially if he belongs to a prominent family.

The same is true for pretty much any other Alphabet Soup Organization that we know so well, including Intel Agencies, etc. At the same time, they have no loyalty or allegiance towards anyone and only operate for the matters and interests of the current day.

There are some generally otherwise well-meaning people who join Freemasonry, but are usually only relegated to becoming only in the First 3 Levels of Freemasonry, of which no pure knowledge of Secrets or True Ritual Worship or anything specific about the Fraternity is ever known. But they are used as pawns.

They end up being proxy agents for the Satanic Energy that comes from the very top of the Pyramid in this system, however they would never know otherwise, and often they are involved heavily in promoting charity work or other seemingly “good deed” activities.

Only those who have been vetted and demonstrate higher characteristics of discipline, are permitted above these levels, and even more so to the 32nd and 33rd degrees, and especially the degrees above those.

There is also a claim that many Freemasons try to make that 32nd Degrees are not very powerful at all, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The 32nd Degrees are pretty much almost up on par with their 33rd Degree Brethren. They know a lot, and they’ve done a lot, and they sure have done many things to win their place in the 32nd degree, if not higher. Many of them engage in homosexual activities and also sex orgies involving “Wife Swaps”, a favorite Pastime of these Queer and Insidious bunch of scoundrels.

So yes, even the most well-meaning of “Freemasons” are part of a Dangerous Cult, and the thing is the ones who are above the Third Degree, are much more cunning and corrupt people. But yet, all of them play a role whether directly or indirectly at perpetuating the world evil.

Nevertheless, we here at PSA do not recommend anyone to associate with someone you know who is a Freemason of any kind. They are trouble, but their connections are what allow them to at first come across seemingly to an unsuspecting person, as a “cool” or “informed” type of people that you want to hang around with more, and especially because of the type of connections that can be made, including for employment. A wise and trained mind would find that the Freemasons seem a bit off-putting and low class, uncouth and not culturally sophisticated people that one would want around in their company.

Even Benjamin Franklin, however, while a staunch defender of Liberty and even making claims about the Jews, was also a Freemason as were many of the other American Founding Fathers. They all were actually Satanic and part of something sinister, if even just for themselves.

All of them work for their own vain interests and ambitions, if even well-meaning in other areas or at least outwardly.

There is not a “Benevolent Brotherhood, so-to-speak, of Freemasons, whether within the Blue Lodge or the Scottish Rite, it also makes no difference which country the Lodge is in, and not even among the Rosicrucian’s, Shriners, Rotary Club, Elks, Knight of Columbus or other organizations like these, etc. There are even small-scale or Micro-Masonic organizations such as “Rainbow Girls”. All of them are sinister, and all of them are aimed at destruction and subversion of European Aryan Peoples. There are no exceptions.

Even the Catholic Church, with all of its sinister involvement, even could not help but to have its integrity as an Organization put at risk from the Freemasons, with subsequent banning in more recent centuries of Catholics and Members of the Church from being involved with Freemasonry, even though the Catholic Church plays a whole different arm of Militant and Political power in its own Sovereign space on top of the world.

But what is interesting to note, is that from the vantage point of the Freemasonic Order, they have no qualms about anyone being a Catholic or of any religion, at least at surface level, because only informed members know that they “God” they worship is “Lucifer”, and that Christians also worship that God, which is actually not a real God whatsoever but is a creature which is half-alien and half of Artificial Intelligence design (AI).

Most Christians would never confess or agree to the fact that they worship the devil, even though they call it God or “Jesus Christ” although that wasn’t my particular point with this entry.

But the key with these Fraternal Clubs, is they are able to offer incentives and peculiar rewards to their Members which basically cheat Laws and other Functions of Society. Many freebies as well.

Our society only grants rewards for teamwork projects we are involved in, as well as the ability to socialize and feel a true sense of belonging with other Prussians and Germans in general, and to be part of meaningful work that is aimed in spearheading German Ambitions which largely fall under the category of protecting and preserving German Blood and German Statecraft.

We are also not an International Order like the Freemasons, even though we have International Following and presence because of Germans around the world and the European factor. The Freemasons have had a deadly agenda in their handiwork at destroying Germany and the German People throughout the world.

We cannot make any guarantees for things like access or opportunity to work or other perks that typically special interest groups or other organizations are capable of doing, because we are not in bed with the enemy, and we all share in the common German fate and struggle which actually is a burden on every decent German person no matter where they live. We would love to be able to offer work opportunities and other benefits as other Societies can do, occasionally they do come up, but it’s not something that is constantly abundant and it is more a matter of things that just happen to fall in place as to what is actually out there and attainable at this time.

Others who are not German might feel solace or mutual feeling and identity with some our viewpoints and philosophy, and they are free in their own right towards that end and for their desire to have any level of involvement with our organization, but always in understanding how damaging the Freemasons have been to Europe and everything of this world.

Our duty is to enlighten others and to lend a helping hand for Truth to emerge and also reign in its wrath and role upon this world, including Non-Germans, to alert them to the best extent possible of the great dangers that lurk behind the scenes of civilization, and where the world powers are intending to take this world, even if it means the world is doomed at any price, we wish to at least be known as an organization that provides reference, counsel, understanding and the wherewithal for the public to recognize that there is a Force in this world that has been repressed, slandered, reduced to remnants and fragments, which has yet still carried on the now dimmed torch of our Ancestors in what we were trying to fight for and to prevent from occurring in this world.

Our Power and Light has been hi-jacked by the enemies of this world, and not only in the sphere of the Top Controllers, but even by everyday segments of society which want to ride off the backs off of German Philosophy, Spirit and Thought, along with our contributions, of which they want to claim in their name instead.

America stole all of Germany’s Power and Glory after World War II and benefits in every way it has, from everything that is of German creation.

The Protection given to Europe (so-called) via the EU and NATO Institutions that Europe has long been enjoying, are merely rip-offs repackaged of what would otherwise be German programs for maintaining Stability, Hegemony and Stewardship over Europe, but for their interests of those under our Umbrella, rather than being part of a Plutocratic and Dictatorial body that takes away the Sovereignty of these Nations.

The Freemasons want Destroyed Families, Destroyed and Borderless Nations with people brought entirely to their ruins, without any Sovereign Rights or Property, nor Property Protection. They want everyone involved with Drugs and Homosexuality because it weakens and degrades people.

We also would hope that maybe once the world enters a failed state, that our writings and work may at least be discovered, read and reminisced upon by some of the few last remaining and still surviving members of Humanity in the future who actually can identify and feel the same sense of passion and longing for freedom and justice in the truest sense of the words that we do, and as what we envisioned as the Cornerstone for the True “New Order”, not the fictitious Satanic creation which is instead rising in its place.

Time is too short, and too few will ever care or investigate for themselves, but what we discuss and bring to light is always aimed at explaining what is happening even on the road to Hell that these world powers have in store.

Time and Time again, we were mocked and not believed, except by some very few. This was even the case well before World War I started, because every attempt Germany has tried to make to alert the world of such lurking dangers, were blocked, mocked, ridiculed and treated as nothing but psychotic ramblings.

And what’s even more Ironic, is that Hitler and the Third Reich become routine targets to be accused of for being “Rothschild Agents” and being “part of the plan”, even though Germany was the only Nation in the world to have fully outlawed and punished Freemasons and all of the Banking Dynasties from the German Nation, entirely dismantling their power and control grip over everything, which was how they were able to obtain such a fast economic recovery and even great spirit among the public, because Germans could once again take the fruit from their labors and enjoy life once again and not be subject to a system of usury and deceit.

It is curious and ironic on one hand that there are so many Conspiracy Theories and Lofty Notions about the Nazis working for “The Bankers”, but yet while Churchill who was an absolute confirmed Rothschild Agent and Freemason made the following statement regarding Hitler:

So what did Hitler have to “gain”, since he also died POOR with no Stocks or a Bank Account, and also the Rothschilds and other Banking Families also had nothing to gain from him.

Cognitive Dissonance exists everywhere in this world now, and you will soon find a disinterested and indifferent attitude when you bring inconvenient facts to people’s attention.

People are also too bored with all kinds of theories, half truths and half lies, to make sense out of anything. But they still believe Hitler was an evil demonically possessed Man!

Nevertheless, it is almost ALWAYS an English writer and propagandist, hasty and determined in his efforts to self-project that which is own Nation (England) was guilty of, and instead using Germany and Hitler as the Scapegoat, or sometimes only conveniently linking Germany and England together at times so it cannot be distinctly seen as England at fault.

The New World Order is very much likely to successfully cement itself in place because the majority of Mankind, unbeknownst to them, but also due to their greed, ignorance, ego, pride, cowardice, impulses, avarice, vice and other superficial desires, has willingly handed over their power and consent to allow these very influential Men to gain all the consent and all the power and assurance they could ever need to know that they will have their wishes honored.

The Establishment of the New World of course, also coincides with several events that must take place in the process which include the World War now under way, Currency Collapse of all Nations, a False Alien Invasion and the ushering in of the Messianic Era, which will be total Hell on Earth, even far more Hellish than anything we even experience now, for those who survive of the coming chaos.

There is almost no credible debate or understanding that can be met with anywhere in this world with Humans anymore. They are a doomed species. Even as I write this, with advances like the “Artificial Womb” being announced, Humans are less likely to be cautious or concerned about the implications and ill-fate that come along with this, but instead welcome the idea as Women see it as an alternative to where they don’t need to roam around with a “baby inside” or experience “pain” from child-birth. Do not even get me started on the COVID-19 Psyop.

The majority of humans are like this, completely unaware, unbothered and not interested to understand, no empathy or curiosity (because they are zombies) and would not know what to do with themselves if they ever became even slightly aware to even a crumb of information of what we possess, along with the extent of just how much of their thoughts and thought processes are actually not even natural or healthy or instinctual, but have been programmed into them, such as this bogus notion that Men under 6 feet “have no value” and that a Man should be “going to the gym”, etc.

Any German from the 1930’s in his right mind would even see gym culture as a joke, while an occasional gym might have existed for a specific purpose and training, a German including the German Leader himself would have much preferred to see these people using their efforts in actual Needed Labor efforts.

Freemasons love to keep Men busy like bees, so that they never become wise or ambitious towards unity and revolution.

From my standpoint of all the many years involved in reflection and witnessing the various changes of our Existential Situation and Politics at large and where the world is heading, I used to stand at awe with the amount of self-assurance and confidence that the many world leaders even from centuries ago and even up to the Speech George H.W. Bush gave about the “New World Order” and even reiterating the confidence that they will be successful in it.

After AI was introduced into the public, and also the COVID Agenda, I now sit and completely comprehend with clarity after all why they were so certain of it being assured, for all these centuries.

Not only did humanity willingly comply, but they wanted to above and beyond, and to move mountains and to sacrifice their entire meaning for life and existence, for pleasing their Masters.

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