Albanians Are No Better Than Serbians

Albanians are not the people most people think they are… And the Nations which import them or give them free ability to exist and have their way, will greatly regret these decisions in the near future, especially as they are beginning to gain much more influence in many parts of society and industries.

The upcoming entry I have to go more in-depth on them is to be published soon.

The Albanians rely on the so-called “Illyrian Myth”, but the fact is that they are Turko-Slavs, some are more or entirely Turkish (bottom of the Barrel) or Slavic, and if anything are more similar to Kurdish people than they are with other Europeans, despite their existence in Europe.

It is no mistake that this Man mentions in the video that without American, that they would basically be the “Kurds of Europe”, because that is the thing with them, they have no loyalties or richness or honor as a people, like some other Barbarians do.

This video at least provides insight into the mind of how Albanians think, and all the more proves the Barbarism of Slavs, yet they try to make themselves seem more honorable than “Russians”.

All Slavs, are known for being highly Barbaric and stirring up conflicts all the time even among their own people.

Even Latin Americans have some richness and pride in their culture and are better people than these, but the thing is everything with Albanians are fake. They are some of the most fakest, dishonorable and biggest opportunists in drug-dealing, and they use clever tactics of getting ahead, but are some of the most unintelligent people on Earth, but particularly even in Europe.

If Albanians are regarded as the “Mexicans of Europe”, then we must say that the Albanians are White on the outside, but Negroes on the inside.

Albanians are not well-liked in Europe because they have horrific personalities and values, even look and behave sketchy and are involved in a lot of illicit activities. They even have their hands all in with Espionage and the CIA and Biotech firms, and they have absolutely no loyalty to anyone. They are not particularly likeable people on any level, and anyone who is very cognizant of human behavior can detect there is something very ignorant, negative and empty / uninviting about them as a people. Only gullible Americans and others think otherwise.

As the saying goes, they are a people who would kill their own grandmother for a dime, and that is no exaggeration.

The goon in the video even admits, he or his country would gladly accept the role as the “51st State of America”, even when this makes absolutely no logical, geographical or political sense, and whereas America and Albania do not even have anything culturally in common whatsoever. But such a dishonorable people as they, would gladly accept it, considering the fact of America’s role in Kosovo and against Serbia.

It is hard to ever be fond about anything about them as a people, whereas other Barbarians may have at least some desirable traits, whether at least be in Music or something else, but not with these people.

They are some of the fakest people on earth, untrustworthy, unreliable, and they protected Jews during WWII.

The Best thing Europeans can do at least as far as how they observe the regional conflict of Serbia / Kosova / Albania is to have completely indifference towards their claims or conflicts, and to let these people have at each other.

Neither of them are good people, and they have played a very menacing role of many things that they are involved in.

In terms of the Balkans, these countries along with Bosnia are troubled grounds and troubled people. As far as European Affairs go, all of these States and even the former Yugoslavian region itself, are unchartered territory because of their stance in contrast to the rest of Europe.

Lowest IQ of all people in Europe, and Lowest Empathy. Passive-Aggressive Personalities who only lower the leve of culture, integrity and honesty in society to very abysmal levels.

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