4 Positive Developments, In Light Of All This Darkness

As you are keenly aware, we are often the most cynical, and least optimistic of all people on the planet. We are also hesitant to take note of anything peculiar until it gives us enough reasonable confidence that there is good solid traction at play.

Nevertheless, I do wish to state that we have been actively tracking many global developments that are taking place, which occasionally, ARE absolutely in favor and absolutely beneficial to us during these hopeless times.

  1. Intra-Racial Tensions between various Ethnic groups in America and Europe are increasing** due to Economic issues, State Laws and Policies which are also fragmenting certain classes of these Immigrant groups, including other tensions and competition between Illegal and Legal Immigrants (even if both are scum). Understandable, a “Legal Immigrant” who came from a Barbarian Nation which may have done so through a legal and ethical process, does not necessarily designate them as a decent person by any means.*
  2. More Women are becoming Economically Disenfranchised and being Dismissed from their Jobs, for a whole host of reasons, but also because Women are even finding more clever ways to Embezzle Funds with the companies they work for. The entire Trans-Atlantic Tech Community is firing a lot of Females. As more Women are beginning to see their standard of living diminish, they are also in a tail-spin to an even greater degree than their pets are, in an effort to sell their pets or bring them to a local facility because they can no longer afford them. Institutions and Agencies are also “tightening their belts”, so-to-speak, as to whom and how much they dish out protectionist benefits to. This also includes Food Bank Resources and Homeless / Abuse Shelter Beds, but what still remains in place is that Women are of course ALWAYS prioritized over Men.
  3. More and More people in Europe and all around the world, are actually beginning to catch on to just how disturbing, horrific and messed up the United States and the United Kingdom are as Nations. France, also is included on this list with the US and UK***. Many people in even countries like Belgium, Austria, The Africas, China, India, Pakistan, Russia and elsewhere, even Latin Americans, are truly coming to realize just even more how evil their American and British Colonizers were. Irrespective of your position on these Nations or their Governments Policies, we do respect the right of people even Barbarians to exist in their own lands, and even if we have bad relations with certain Nations, we do recognize their levels of concerns as they apply to mutual interests on any level of cooperation or to ensure security between their Nations and ours, particularly as the world power of balance is rapidly shifting. Perhaps, even the Russians are recognizing now just how evil the Americans and British are, and deeply regret and recognize that Germany had nowhere near the level of determination against them that the Americans and British do, and that perhaps it would have been better in their historical interest to just let Hitler have his way. There are Russian Government Officials who are very privy to these facts, but because of ego, pride and National Ambitions will deny it with all their might or prefer to scrub if all off the history books. They would never of course admit this publicly, and second of all, the Russian character is one in which they are able to completely erase such thoughts at a moment’s notice from their memory and pretend it all never happened or ever existed. Nonetheless, the point here to illustrate is that Nations in the world are beginning to realize that America and the UK are not just some places of Colonizers like any other “Colonizers” in history, or with backwards governments. They are quickly realizing that these are Two Nations who literally have a Destructive Principle aimed at systematically ruining people and destroying everything from them, taking their own people from them and leaving them with human trash remaining who leave their civilizations impotent to ever recover from. That is exactly what has been going on in the Middle East for example. The British and American Governments have been doing these activities in all kinds of overt, and covert ways for many many years. For Centuries, In Fact! To add further fuel to the cause, many of these people are also awakening to the fact that the powers behind these governments are actual Full-on “Satanists” who belong to Satanic Bloodline Families who are carrying all of this out. Many Nations in the world right now, who are actually in shackles to the US/UK/UN organization or even the Financial Systems, are quickly beginning to see disturbingly that they are simply “playing a role” and work as a Slave for this “organizational body”, and that it is actually not promoting some kind of world peace, but is actually committed to TOTAL DESTRUCTION, even of all of their people, it being only a thing that is a matter of time. For example, even a specific example is that the Russians had found facilities in Ukraine in which the Ukrainian Government was looking for ways to create biological warfare that will specifically target Russian Genetics over Ukrainian ones, even though they are genetic relatives, they were looking to isolate specific “markers” of Russian regional lineages. And none of it was aimed at trying to eliminate Rh Negative populations which are actually the most dangerous of all Humanoid types, since they come from a type of Hybridized Human-Demon form.
  4. Faith and Belief in Christianity is rapidly collapsing anywhere, along with the notions of using “Prayer” or “Peaceful Resistance.” There are people rapidly getting tired of the same broken record arguments coming from Christians about how they must “pray” and continue to “forgive their enemies”. In fact, many people are starting to show an outrage of irritation from these Christians, since it is becoming blatantly obvious how much there is actually an intention behind it to allow Evil to prevail. It is just so obvious. Only people with low self-esteem or poor self-awareness would have ever believed that it is Noble to forgive and forget or to ignore injustice. People are actually recognizing the truth, that was once considered a statement of blasphemy and absurdity, is now becoming recognized as a Fact. The Fact being, that Christians are actually “Satanic”, and that the God they worship (knowingly or unknowingly, depending on the person or sect) is Lucifer. To even begin to barely grasp hold of this fact is as shocking and difficult, even completely unthinkable for most to even begin to believe or ever accept the fact that the Earth is indeed Flat.

We can say with full confidence, that we have been taking note to these several facts as being rapidly escalating notions that are increasing all over the world right now.

**Our organization is involved in many activities we do not disclose to the public. Nevertheless, we also actively are engaged with trying to promote Intra-Racial Tensions, and we encourage that you self-reflect and discover your own creative ways to furthering these tensions, but there is no need at this time to engage in an actual Civil War.

The best possible outcome actually is to get them to fight their own kind, at least first off, because they often even come from troubled countries as it is, who wish to bring their own civil problems into our Nations, and in many cases, even their own Governments and Local people back home DO NOT LIKE THEM, and DO NOT WANT THEM.

Most Normal people usually prefer to live in their own countries, even despite how poor the condition is of that country, with some occasional exceptions. But the flooding of Millions of immigrants, is NOT an occasional “exception”, and it is notable that this is done specifically of course, for the Western Nations above all.

For example, most Africans in Africa actually DESPISE African-Americans, and recognize how inferior, pathetic and ill reputation they pose for the Cultured Africans in their own homelands. Since Africans in their homelands are generally racially conscious, they also recognize that a Racially mixed “Negro” is an abomination. Even instinct tells them this. That’s why the half-breeds in America are some of the most “racist” types, since they are upset that both their Black and White sides of the family don’t fully accept them. Then they expect “The White Man” to pay for it.

What is even more absurd as well, for example, is that such immigrants for example who may come from countries like Mexico or Syria, aren’t even Mexican or Syrian in some cases! Some of them were smuggled in and otherwise illegally obtained ID or citizenship of those countries, and then cross borders with a false Identification or Status.

Many so-called “Illegal Mexicans” who come over the border, could be from Guatemala or a different country in Latin America, though not always the case.

Also, I would like to state, that for people who truly want to understand a more purer understanding of the catastrophes to come, especially in America, that you should look less to the religious books, and more towards some of the warnings that were actually announced by the Learned American Indian Elders that they were told long ago. Many of these Elders have come to cease to exist, and many American Indians have sold themselves over to the English, also not all of them are peaceful or righteous, but I would strongly recommend one becomes familiar with what their special sects have known all along about this land. Nevertheless, it was not only these Elders who were informed of such events, but in fact, at one point very long ago, All Nations of the world had possessed this information until much of it had been confiscated and destroyed from the public’s knowledge, when it at times, has been discovered.

***For many years, most Europeans except for Older Generations who are in the know from “memories”, have become very “lax”, so-to-speak, in recognizing America or England as a foe.

They believe that these historical tensions are old or obsolete or no longer irrelevant since the New Framework was put in place after the Second World War and that somehow “we’ve moved on”.

But the truth is, nobody actually moves on from anything, not even in the present.

People are also seeing that the English people are “distinctly weird” and very “bizarre”, and particularly “unusual” even in the face of other European Peoples.

In these absolutely unprecedented times we live in, it is important to always keep in mind that things which do work in our favor, must be absolutely seized upon rapidly.

It is also important to know that Evil People and Evil Governments fear an Honest person, more than the Honest person actually fears them. It is hard to believe this and to always keep this in mind, because the Evil system and Minions are full with all kinds of Institutions, Tactics, Money, Power and Resources they expend at any disposal or opportunity to get their way and to suppress truth and eliminate their opposition.

But they have more power over you, if you remain in fear over them.

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