About Us

We are an Organization and Fraternal Order based out of Massachusetts, USA with a focus on educational, motivational and active engagement / work to unite those who either have Prussian Heritage or Appreciation and the desire to discuss issues relating the implications of losing Prussia as not only a Geographical location that has been unfairly wiped off the map in Europe, but our Heritage and Culture.

There are Three Divisions which compose our Society:

I. Historical / Research Organization & Outreach Missions

II. Fraternal Order

III. Social Club

We seek to raise awareness as well as the consciousness in our People for restoring our Old Glory and Spiritual Sustenance that once existed among our great people. To one day bring us towards a new reunification and Building of a New Homeland “Neues Preußisches Land” for our people, and the goal to liberate and rebuild all of our lost territories of the Former German Reich.

Though we want to be clear about the facts of our day in this age…

Prussia indeed no longer exists as an entity or even a location on the map.

After 1918, Prussia received the first mortal wound which forever crippled our Empire and People. The Spirit of Prussia however, lived on all the way onward until about 1947. Shortly after World War II, whatever significance that Prussia had in existence was nearly pulverized to ashes along with the majority of our Ethnic People.

There are remnants of us who do remain are scattered throughout the world who still maintain our Love and Nostalgia for everything that Prussia once was. Inheriting this blood, we are deemed the rightful inhabitants and cultural pioneers of the Prussian Legacy.

We do not seek a return of the Monarchy or of a revival of Christianity, which have both ceased to become viable in this new era we now live in. But we must one day have an Absolute Supreme Sovereign of State, who rules at the desire and will of our people after a period of reunification, who elect our State Sovereign to power and glory. We need a new form of spirituality.

As Prussians, we recognize both the Left and Ring wings to belong to the same Establishment, so we adhere to neither political viewpoints, irrespective of times when any interest or rhetoric may overlap. As Prussians, we are not opportunistic for conveniences only based on the superficial level of any shared values, because it will only devalue our position and our ambitions.

Furthermore, our reach is generally to people of Prussian Ethnicity or Legacy.

Primarily, we seek our self-reliance to be exclusively among our own people and namely Germanic people for the fact that our historical past has demonstrated that we are better off with trust and allegiance to our own people, rather than external dependencies.

That being said, there will one day be a position for those who are not Prussian, but work to genuinely further the aims of our cause in this world, and we would welcome any support, particularly of the European People mostly. A Restored and Vital Prussia means a once again Powerful and Flourishing Europe, not only for Germanic states but all Europeans, and the sooner they begin to recognize this and fight in our defense, the sooner things shall also be improved for their conditions and Future well-being and Sovereignty of their Nation-States.

Despite all these facts, we remain dedicated to the Prussian Re-awakening for a day of Reunification with our own People and other Germanic people for a completely new era of mankind. Even if our future is small and few in numbers. So long as at least one of us alive, the struggle and dream for our people’s future continues on.

We welcome people of all kinds to communicate with us, either those who have Prussian Heritage or who are interested in our History and Culture.