Sweden deploys Troops in case of Russian Threat / WWIII

A surprise move on Sweden’s behalf, particularly in that Sweden also tends to stay Militarily Neutral with other conflicts, and the fact that it does not have NATO Membership, nor does Finland.

Sweden also has not been militarily as relevant as it was back in the 1600’s, but it is very interesting to see this response from them.

Sweden, however, absolutely has a vested interest in the region in their latest move, considering its geographical position towards Russia, and it also has a historical relationship of influence with the Baltic countries, so indeed any effort should be made to thwart Russian takeovers of either Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The only problem, is that all 3 Baltic States are backed by NATO and operate on behalf of NATO in the conflict. So they are pretty much operating in Auto-Pilot, even though removed from Auto-Pilot mode (i.e. No NATO) they would still have the true vested interest to monitor and thwart any Russian escalation beyond established border territory that would be deemed as aggression from Russia.

We do approve this latest move on Sweden’s behalf, however the risks remain high that Sweden and Finland could become sandwiched in the NATO / CSTO standoff in which it could escalate Membership towards the NATO position rather than fighting independently, should an outbreak of war occur.

Sweden should not obtain NATO Membership, no matter how dire, tempting or otherwise the conflict will likely become, and it will only make sense that the USA will try to use bribery towards Sweden in an effort to try to capitalize on this independent move.

Membership in NATO would diffuse all defense efforts from Sweden or any other country to ruins, for the fact that NATO serves other objectives.

But we welcome this move on Sweden’s behalf because of the fact that there is a grave potential of Russian Troops that could perform new activities towards expansionism past the Belarus / Ukraine Frontiers.

As I’ve said, monitoring the situation is crucial, because Russia has its own interests.

For one it has National Interests, but the CSTO vs NATO alliances are Supra-National and have whole other objectives, and as I’ve stated, both alliances have Zionist backing.

Declaration of war against Russia should not occur as long as they do not permeate the Belarus / Ukrainian territory, and for many reasons even aside the EU (even if it did not exist), these countries are less in relation and not much that would be able to be done in the best circumstances considering the geography.

But Russia should not be permitted to expand upon this region, and I do praise the Swedish efforts. The Baltic States, are unfortunately, NATO Members, even at the behest of them no longer being a direct part of Russia, which they should never have been in the first place.

But we do know that Putin wants to reclaim all former Soviet Territories under his style of Regime.

Many other powers including Canada is also presenting itself in the conflict, but unfortunately as a result of “NATO”.

It appears that the USA/NATO ability to ignite WW3 has been a slow process compared to what they have been attempting in the last few years in the Caucasus region with Armenia (with a color revolution in Armenia), and installing a puppet dictator as they have meddled their way into that sphere to further push American influence in the region, rather than Russia’s influence, when Russia has a protection influence over that country and other regional countries.

Russia and some of these regional countries are part of the CSTO alliance, which boasts its own protection sphere against NATO hegemonic powers.

The problem however, is that these events, irrespective of how they play out, are all destined to lead to WWIII, which is nearly inevitable in that it will occur one way or another.

In fact, when the situations escalated in the Caucasus in the last year or so when Armenia began aggression and genocidal actions against the Azerbaijanis, it was creating such an uproar in the region between different Nations and tribal fractions that countries like India, Pakistan and other countries were flirting with ideas of defending Armenia’s position on that battlefront, a very small-scale war and if formations manifested between handfuls of powers which would be riled up enough, that conflict last year could have very well escalated into WWIII. Israel dogging America along had the hand in this conflict, and they played it in a way because of very twisted arrangements of alliances and conditions in the region, just aching to get WWIII going. But the sentiment did not last.

Armenia tried to play the conflict off under their religious (Christian) victim veneer, as they historically do to justify their aggression against the Islamic world.

Nevertheless, while we go to wars and we do not approve of Christianity or Islam for Europe and any of our people, we do not go to the war against Nations based on their religion unless they try to export it. The Zionists are the ones with strategic interests in that.

It’s not necessarily justifiable to go to a war against one country over another simply because of their religion, the Government or People, rather, have to present a direct threat.

For the first time in Armenia’s legacy of playing off this aggression, European Powers and People largely remained indifferent, sympathies and pleas from Armenia’s people and government fell on deaf ears, compared to the general course of procedures, even in a time when more European countries have sided with Armenia’s grievances over the so-called “Genocide” of 1915, but yet even this wasn’t enough to muster sympathy from the May 2021 attacks Armenia had carried out an Islamic country like Azerbaijan, because it was obvious that the attack was one of aggression, and Armenia was caught red-handed not obeying cease-fires from the other side, and purposely was working to destroy all kinds of monuments, artifacts and directly was trying to commit a genocide against the Azeri people, rather than only targeting military barracks or stations.

It came very evident to the International Community at large, that Armenia was attempting to steal land territory that they are not entitled to, and that even the UN recognized that the disputed Karabagh territory is rightfully Azerbaijan territory. Alas, Armenia was caught with its pants down in this conflict, but the conflict and tensions were being used by US/Israel to bring about a greater regional takeover, however it did not form the momentum they had hoped for.

So the USA, as usual, decided to switch tactics back to Ukraine meddling as a way to target Russia, continuing from conflicts that last had taken place there at the 2013 / 2014 Maidan revolution.

At other times, the USA picks on Iran, Syria and North Korea when it’s bored and wants to create problems in the world, but notice how we hear very little about that now!?

In previous times, the USA also had meddling affairs in another country in the Caucasus Region [Georgia] and ironically it is because of Russia’s actions due to the power balance that we also have not yet entered World War III, but this is more due to circumstantial reasons and vested interests / power play, granted Russia, like China, like to do what they do by avoiding war, unlike the Americans and other countries aligned with Zionists.

The Media shifts talks around and switch up the enemy they currently want to get people riled up over, to distract people but also to attempt new access points of targeting the East, alternating with reports of new conflicts and threats, even perceived ones.

The problem is that NATO always has its own interests which have nothing to do with Nations and Peoples, so even if for example, it dislikes policies of a country like Iran or North Korea, it does so on the basis of economic hegemony and other strategic interests.

We have no particular interest with Iran or North Korea that are economic in scope or for any other strategies behind dismantling any spy networks they operate outside of their borders and any expansion attempts.

Iranian Spies are a big problem, yet the worst part is that the USA and UK routinely had hired them! And then it demands to go to war against them.

How brilliant is that, to army and equip your enemy for a fight you will intend to eventually have against him!? That is exactly what the English and Americans do, but they used these people, whether Iranians, Saudis and others for other Imperial interests beyond the imagination or ambitions of even most mighty Imperial Powers!

It just proves all the more why this Imperial Model is failed, that the English and Americans use.

So we must be on the lookout for what will come of this situation with new threats the USA is making, and at the same time what levels of amassing troops that the Russians are doing, as they have been sending their artillery equipment in through Belarus.

It is important that for whatever is left among European Leadership, and I do not think highly of any of their leaders because the governments are compromised, performing the right decisions are important.

The fact that Europe is increasingly becoming torn between NATO and Russia’s sphere of influence with CSTO is showing the changing power balance that is taking place, and exactly why Europe DOES need a Hegemonic power on its own continental region to be able to take care of matters which threaten European world affairs.

However, Europeans and their leaders are not wrong in their growing frustrations with US/NATO because over the years, they have reneged on many promises and over protection deals for Europe, and also is the fact that under Trump’s leadership, he vastly imposed higher costs for NATO Allies to pay for protection guarantees as being a NATO Member.

Even in the last several years, the mood has turned sour, rightfully so, for many European Countries like Germany, Italy, France and others towards these policies and the dwindling promises by NATO, nevermind the fact that NATO should not even exist, and that Europe would be a lot better off without NATO.

Germany may be at the seat of the EU and have the biggest economy in Europe, but it’s still a shell of its former self on many levels and does not have National Sovereignty. It is an occupied country and it can be quick for many people to forget that. America has its way over Germany, illegally.

By 2025, most countries in Europe and all the Anglo-Saxon countries including America are scheduled for major depopulation according to official projections, and so between people getting their poison shots, economic decline, civil unrest and the large potential outbreak of a new world war, we see things marching very close in that direction.

Any attempt by Russia to mobilize or overstep the Belarus-Ukrainian border should be viewed as an Act of Aggression, and absolutely justifiable to declare war against Russia. Aside from the fact of what will come out of it.

It is just a tragedy because of the fact that NATO stands in the way of it being a clean and objective war. Please understand what I mean by “clean” in relative usage.

Even war plans these days operate in Auto-Pilot, in a world where nearly every government on earth is compromised and infiltrated in one form or another.

It’s only the beginning of the war Between Men and Women

As I’ve said, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of what’s to come. That is no understatement, especially when it comes to the unfolding Gender War.

Small Incidents like these will continue to grow and grow until things escalate to even new stages.

A read through the comments will show you level of disgust from all the people who are so quick to blame the victim but yet are busy crying and giving sympathy and prayers to the villain.

When Justice becomes served, it is most the most Divine and Heavenly thing to witness.

It’s hilarious how people think to themselves how the person is a “Murderer!” and “People Have Lost Their Minds!” when thinking that this Man was some sort of a Madman or Evil person!

Once again, Christian Morality at its finest!

From the PSA viewpoint, we view these conditions as something positive and optimistic, because it shows that Nature is prevailing in ways, and we view it as a process called “cleaning house”.

We encourage to see even more of it. Because it is the medicine needed for healing a sick civilization.

Getting out of our predicaments will inevitably mean a civil war, and there will be Civil Wars between the Genders and Races.

The amount of Americans who side with the aggressor, demonstrates exactly why the American Population needs to be decimated and does not deserve sympathy or respect.

The whole fabric of what is composed of American Morality and Values, is 100% nothing but Pure Lies, Satanic and Anti-Nature.

Look at all the Christians in the “prayers” they leave for the dead cunt and her family.

This is exactly how evil Christians are.

For many centuries, Christians were always the ones to stir up hysteria and massacres against people they considered “heretics” including many innocent people, always while protecting the criminals and trash.

The absurdity of levels of things going on here in America, is that even if the White Men are too foolish enough to start violent agendas against Women, then the Black Communities will do it first.

I am not talking about every day violence that occurs that we have seen since always, but the landscape now is very changed from the COVID Agenda, and as more and more of reality comes home to roost and the financial conditions deteriorate, things are about to get a lot more serious.

Divorces are going to AVALANCHE. Divorces also mean that Men’s money becomes threatened, in most cases. Whereas Women get everything, and these situations are even far worse in America than other countries.

From reports we’ve read, Attorneys have never had so many divorce filings line up even for this month of January 2022 alone, compared to even last year and all previous years.

Even during the Great Depression, divorce filings were down, but a few years later the divorces came out of nowhere as when situations allowed with finances, that they decided to simply hold off on the divorces until it was feasible.

The amount of Men who also defend the Woman’s case is precisely why the very last few Decent Men who exist in America, must ruthlessly defend our cause.

Many Men have shafted other Men at the behest of obtaining and protecting other Women, which is completely unnatural for a Man to do so.

It only makes sense for a Father in protecting his wife or daughter, or a Man over his girlfriend, someone directly related, to go above and beyond for them.

For Men in the Judicial Systems, and even in general to come to other Women’s defense like they do in this country, is an ultimate disgrace, especially in that they do not know the circumstances.

Will you still fight, even if you are destined to lose?

Very Few Men in this world, except for Germans have ever had the guts to Fight Wars, even with the knowledge or reality that the likelihood to lose is.

At times, the Greeks and Spaniards had fought in their histories with such fervor and total fearlessness of death, and there are other Nations who have occasionally fought in such Manner, sometimes out of Honor but other times it was not out of any Honor in the people but Necessity.

There are very few people left in this world who fight with Honor, because essentially brotherhood between Men has become largely a thing of the past after World War II, for all Nations.

In cases where Brotherhoods do seem to exist, they are only formal agreements, often based on belonging to a club or some type of perk, but not from Honor.

From what we see, due to the influence of Christianity and especially the vast influence of New Age philosophies, the majority of Humans are subject to Magical Thinking and being paid Lip Service in order to get them willing to fight.

You almost cannot tell anyone the odds of losing something, and have them still encouraged or enthusiastic to fight.

“We Can Win and We Will Win”. Such thinking is magical thinking, and in the course of even German History in Warfare, Germans have never subscribed to this knowledge, because it is so obviously mistaken to begin with.

People who Subscribe to Christian and New Age beliefs have the tendency to Declare Victories before the fight has even begun, and they love to subscribe to ideas that “Good / Truth always wins in the end”, because their Religions dictate these magical ideas, and so do the Hollywood Movies that they watch!

To be quite clear, with what is about to ensue in all the Western Democracies, even before the COVID Agenda, many preparations between equipment and manpower were for many years already been put into place for being able to combat any unrest well before this agenda. However, a sudden shock or disruption to plans may have presented an unexpected challenge for the Armed Forces at those time.

But the efforts to get logistically organized and prepare for all matters in place have been very much accelerated in these last 2 years, including tactical training and other preparations ready for what is coming. And it has nothing to do with even if 100% of Public Compliance were to occur, because if even everyone took their Vaccines, the chaos to come will be no different. The Vaccine Rollout is just a distraction show for the real event:


In America, the US National Guard has been on standby for many months ready to quell any serious form of National Unrest that may suddenly show up, but told to “stand down” when the real enemies like Antifa Activists and other Communist Trash does what they do.

However the real event the USNG is waiting for which they know the trouble will spike from, is when the real Hyperinflation arises. For now, they have just been biding their time, because the Mainstream Media has been hypnotizing people’s understanding about Inflation, making them believe the current price increases in food, fuel and other expenses is just a temporary aberration. Most Americans haven’t a clue just how much worse it’s about to get.

This year alone, it s expected that for 2022, that least 25% more of those who still are employed in the Labor Force, expect to leave their jobs and prefer not work at all.

This will exacerbate supply and distribution issues, shortages and of course make consumer goods become even more expensive.

Make no mistake that the USNG is ready and willing to do whatever they must do and have no problem firing on their own citizens for any reason and even no reason at all.

In Europe, things are not all that different, the forces there view it as fun and entertainment to get to have their way in these countries, whether it be Germany, Italy, France, Spain or elsewhere.

The Armed National / Federal Forces within America and Europe are going to have all of their Reserve Units deployed as the Currencies go to waste (The USD most notably), although I personally believe it will erupt first in America, it can Erupt anywhere depending on what choices are made.

So far from what it looks like, this will happen in America, first.

From what I observe in the American population, as the Hyperinflation comes about, they are not going to understand what is going on at all, and plus they will still be too distracted about “COVID” so they will just go along with whatever marching orders are expected from them.

These Forces will be deployed to the streets and they will come out of nowhere, and setup barricades, checkpoints and precincts and your restriction of movement will be all but certain, and of course all “COVID Measures” will be pursued within that framework.

People have been properly primed for 2 years to understand “staying in their home” and “isolating from others” and expecting to have permission for “who they can see and who they cannot see”, so this means there will be even less opposition or resistance to any under under Military Control.

What’s even amazing is how Americans have accepted the notion that the National Guard should be in charge of distributing vaccines when called upon, and embarking on all kinds of life matters of the USNG to be involved in things such as busing their children to school, and eventually nearly all food, water, supplies and other resources will be distributed to Americans only by the means of the USNG (if and when they decide), and whether one is Vaccinated or not will not help you have any much greater level of freedom. Anyone who knows what kind of junk of provisions the USNG ends up distributing, will know just how shitty the sources are, when things do get to be this bad.

For those who comply in this new system, they will be told even if and when they can go to work when they leave house for the day. This is the future, at any rate, that the NWO Agents have in store for how daily conditions are run. On your way to work you will have to go through all kinds of verifications, but the vaccination verification is just to barely get your foot past the checkpoint.

Very soon, almost all Western people in some form or another will become subjected to Military Dictatorship in an even more extreme form that ever took place under any typical Dictatorship of other Examples, and especially that of the original Communist States.

As I have mentioned in the past, the next step after National Forces would be the Invasion of the UN Peacekeepers, which will be even far worse than any Federal Forces, and this will be ushered in at some point (once again, unless there is a disruption).

The UN Peacekeepers are complete mercenaries and can do anything they wish, and have even more unchecked authority that National or Federal Forces do.

For a German, the concern is not whether we Win or Lose a battle, but the disgrace and dishonor that comes with just allowing something to happen and not going down without a fight.

Even if that fight at least means taking down as many of the trash who are our enemies, even locally, with us.

The question is, do you have the persistence in you for what it takes to endure carrying out a fight even with everything stacked against you?

Without any fight, then your fate is already sealed anyways. Even fighting to some degree, is better than no fight at all, even if it means you would end up in a slightly better position in a certain circumstance.

Conditions will not exist the same all across the board, from country to country in the exact same form, and there will be variations from the urban city centers to the countryside and villages, depending on where one lives, and their exclusive social and economic conditions.

Do not expect much left of any enjoyment in this world in months and years soon to come, with the only thing left to chance is a fight of any kind, and sacrificing all.

Come this Spring, most of everything is over, and between 2025 – 2030, if or whomever even make it that long if nothing else disastrous occurs, it will be living in a complete dystopian nightmare. A lot of people you once knew will also no longer be alive.

In addition to all this, the likelihood of World War III taking place in the hot form, is also coming close to a reality as the tensions build up.

Make no mistake, that even while the USA Intelligence knows that it will lose WWIII to Russia and China, it will still go ahead anyway out of desperation and also because the USA has a historic course of using War to escape its financial crises every time. In addition to this, the leadership of the USA wants to prevent any kind of awakening in its tracks as its Empire dissolves, so they would prefer to just wipe people out to cover the history and discovery, than to allow everything to be discovered in the wake of its fall.

Part of the reason for this is because many Economic Entanglements, Business Agreements and Promises that the USA makes especially not just to China, but the EU and elsewhere in the world are about to be completely severed.

These Nations will call into questions such “severing” because they already suspect and in many cases know that the USA is bankrupt, and they will launch international investigations into US Business Activities.

Countries have been doing this for many years, with Russia and China having a lot of activity in this arena.

When the American people lose all their wealth, they will put under the microscope of the World’s Nations and the world would declare war on them, hence why their leaders want to launch World War III to escape ever having to answer anything to even their own people.

Rebuilding the West OR WHAT’S LEFT OF IT Means Women cannot hold Victim Titles or be Perceived Victims

Shaming and Enslaving any Man who attempts to promote Victim Culture in Women will have to enacted as Law, even to execute and entirely remove from the Gene Pool, any such Men which demonstrate trying to Equalize or Elevate Women over the status of Man.

This would mean that a Man who wants to go out of his way for Women in an unordinary way and even just out of sympathy for a Woman and one in which he is not intending courtship with, must be Punished by his behavior, up to actually being Executed for his actions.

Women will always seek to claim in some form or another that they are a Victim of “something”, and it is for this reason that for many Centuries, Men chose to ignore Women’s claims, and did not allow Women to vote. This was not an “oppression” of Women, but rather because Men who have been established for centuries understood that a Woman can never be taken seriously in what she says, only her actions speak.

For example, even studies have shown when evaluating Amish Women who have experimented outside of their communities on Rumschpringe to experience life in Western Democracies, began to eventually report that they experienced what it’s like not having responsibilities of any kind and how unusual it felt for them.

Give it time, even 6 months or into a couple of years, these Amish Women would then be conditioned to believe that ANY demand or pressure placed upon her was somehow “Abuse” and “Harassment”, with plentiful voices around her that would utterly convince her of it being the truth.

Similarly, there is always the notion of Women who claim that they were oppressed or mistreated for many centuries by Men.

The only true countries this may be the case would qualify for is in African Countries, or maybe India or China.

In said countries, which still even rely on some of the most Barbaric practices today due to either being uncivilized and barbarian to begin with, having other tribal or cultural issues due to their course of development in history, they still practice genital mutilation of females or even heat pressing of the “breasts” as they do in some African countries to make the women look less “beautiful” and so they are less desired by certain tribe Men, or so as to keep the women chaste by removing their ability to have pleasure by genital mutilation. But the main reasons for this has to do with savage characteristics of jealousy and control from a standpoint of inferiority or rivals among the tribes, and to artificially regulate attraction and copulation. These practices and customs of course, depend largely on different tribes, but it just goes to show you how out of touch with reality Modern Western Women are in their cries of being “oppressed”.

We of course consider all of these practices unbelievably barbaric and savage.

Countries which recruit Females into their Military (with exception of Hospitality / Care positions) also are performing a very barbaric practice should be absolutely forbidden in any Civilized State.

In India, you have cases of 5 year old girls who are forced into slave labor to dig out sewers or human refuse in undeveloped areas which do not have established or properly working sewer systems. Indians are a mixed race to begin and are highly corrupt and degenerate, which is in their nature, and it’s the reason they have a Caste system, and they will forever have a Caste system for better or worse, unless they were 100% without the Negro blood that they possess.

In the European Countries, Women were always given first-rate treatment, and wherever the claims of “Oppression” arise, it was due to Women being delivered punishment and justice for their misdeeds or poor performance as a Woman.

A Woman who did not cook for her Man or please his bedroom fantasies, was shamed by her own female family relatives and the general public, and if that Man did leave her or was unfaithful to her, she was to blame because she did not fulfill him.

If a Man beat his Woman, it was also because she deserved it or did something to disrespect him. Not from “abuse”.

It is not the State’s responsibility to assume whether a Woman made a good choice in the personality of the Man whom she chooses to give her life to, so if she does happen to stumble across an actually “Abusive Man”, we also wash our hands clean from that, from the perspective of Reich.

This means that no Institutions, Policies or Laws, or any kind of Support Networks will be made for them in these situations.

Every German must be responsible for his or her life choices, and this remains as true for the Men as well of course.

The Jews, English and the Irish and Scottish are the ones specifically pushing for Feminism, Women’s Rights, Rape Definitions and the Notion that all Women are “abused” or “oppressed” and the additional shaming towards Men for having demands. Jewish and Celtic Lawyers (Another breed of Jews) are aggressive in the campaign against Men.

Today, young Western Men are pathetically feeling guilty for having sexual desires or demands from Women and take at Face Value this bogus notion that Women are not here to serve or please Men, and not fulfill his fantasies depicted in Porn Videos, yet the irony is that the explosion of Porn is EXACTLY due to the fact of Women who have shunned fulfilling their Men.

All Porn use in the West, with the exception of the degenerate rubbish, is mostly an Escapism into Fantasies that Women have long lost any Romantic or Sexual skills they once had when Men were Men and Women are Women, and in their laziness and ineptitude, they do not want to have to be expected to do anything for a Man.

Porn is also simultaneously used as a weapon the Jews had normalized and taken advantage of, to prevent Men from rebelling against Women, for if it did not exist, Men would have ended Feminism a lot long ago and completely put to rest all of this current noise and verbal diarrhea that spews out of the mouth from 98% of Women in the West.

Once again, why you can never take the words of Women seriously.

The reason why Women do not want to have sex!? Being marinated day in and day out in their University Studies about why they should hate Men, including the stress from University and eventually when they have their Careers, shuts down their Libido. It also raises Testosterone and lowers Estrogen. On top of it, the stress and dissatisfaction in life does not permit them to have any time, energy or enjoyment for anything.

What a liability!

Once again, whereas the Woman blames the Man for the Porn usage, it’s actually the Woman’s fault. So the Women should be punished, and also is it not the Women these days signing up onto OnlyFans and creating other kinds of Channels to show off their bodies to try to entice a Man!?

Women self-project most of the things they themselves are guilty for, as a Mechanism to avoid responsibility or being charged with anything, and thankfully the tide is beginning to turn in which they will soon meet a reckoning of proportions they cannot even begin to fathom by trying to even exercise one of their techniques.

In times of Male Dominance, a Woman failed to be a good Wife or Mother, she would be shamed and could be reduced to poverty and have all her rights and wealth eliminated. This was not oppression, it was justice.

Women have an obligation, not just morally but even for the sake of the Nation’s survival, to pull her weight in the society, and she gains her happiness through the Man and in raising a family and serving as the backbone of the community, in the truest sense of the words here.

Women who fail to meet those expectations have failed their Nations and failed their Men and their own Families.

Therefore, all claims Women make about being “Oppressed” are invalid, and must never be taken seriously by Honorable Men.

Women can only be listened to [at best], but not taken seriously.

All Modern Legal definitions of “Rape” must be abolished, and therefore the Prussian State only recognizes Rape as being an unwanted attempt by a Barbarian to enforce himself on a German Woman (or equivalent for other Nations), or in the event that an obvious encounter did take place by a Third Party or Syndicate.

Racial Policies would further ensure that sexual predators, while rare in general, are not commonplace in German society to begin with, and in any case where a Man would likely be “tempted”, it is the Woman’s fault if she dressed provocatively and somehow tempted the Man in one form or another.

Other European Countries would do well to emulate our Policies in lockstep.

The Evils of Western Democracies with their Feminist Leaders, and the pussywhipped Men who are in charge of brainwashing endless generations of younger Men have made conditions so bad for the average Male, that they act as if having a girl (and a pretty one, at that) is like the most unattainable possession that he should have to nearly kill himself to have and that he is not deserving as one, and that there is something natural about 95% of Women only seeking after 5% of the Men (on average, in Western democracies).

The average Man these days can be more guaranteed to become a Millionaire if he wanted, than to land a loyal or decent Woman in the West, who will serve as a Lifetime partner for him and who will not ruin him.

And yet the bastards who call the shots on Female Entitlement are trying to instruct these Men that they do not deserve anything and that they should accept that Women do not have to give back or serve them.

If any of this should be confused as “natural”, conditions such as Low Birth Rates and total Decline of the majority of Caucasian Races would not be the biggest item on the table, with Immigrants who are pouring into our Nations who do whatever they want and take whomever they want and never had to work for it, or the women which they take.

Understand quite clearly, that the majority of the Caucasian Race will be extincted and Irrelevant by 2040 even if there were none of the other on-going problems we face in light of it, even the COVID Agenda and continued flooding of immigrants, solely on the basis that Women have neglected their biology and roles in favor of Oppressing Men.

It is alarming that so many Men in society are afraid to use violence against Women and believe that Women should have rights.

For the foreseeable future, Treating and Regarding Women as one would treat Men, but not Equal to Men, is the Correct and Most Appropriate Strategy going forward.

In addition, Women worldwide had signed up for it. And therefore, I believe we should honor it specifically in their favor. Specialized Treatment cannot be given.

I do not believe that Men should hold doors open for women, or give up seats for them, nor open car doors for them.

This also means that Women are to ask the Man’s Hand in Marriage, and are to be the ones responsible for asking his hand in Marriage. As it should be anyways, even before the Arrival of Feminism.

In addition, as stated before many times, Women should not even enjoy the privilege of Holding Cash or Currency, and even if she did try too, it will not be a negotiable instrument for her. At least former Women had these rights even though not able to Earn her way or Have a Bank Account, if she had money, she was permitted to stash away her Physical Wealth.

Future Women cannot be allowed to have this privilege.

What Women have done in the West, will ensure a future that Women should only be distributed a Digital Financial Instrument which is not transferable or negotiable outside of its core function of paying for goods from Labor Time or being given a Stipend or Reward, if indeed that her Father or Husband desires too.

The Eradication of Victim Culture must become a pervasive theme for Nations going forward, but most of all starting with our German People, if there is to be any survival of our People and its Culture to have a chance at prospering.

Men must learn to detach themselves from the perceptions of that Women should qualify as victims from a standpoint of them being “weak” or “less abled” or because they “look pretty”.

Animals look cute and pretty too, but they can also be very vicious and if you own one as a pet, they can completely ruin your house or cause accidents that set it on fire.

All the data and understanding from behavioral monitoring in the West show that Violence will be soon the only negotiating power in dealing with Women, and it will escalate and soon begin to form out of nowhere.

Because even in the last few years alone, Women have demonstrated not even an iota of coming to terms with what damage they have done. They simply do not want to hear it, and their intentions are to further “doubling down” even “tripling down” on their Destruction towards Men.

Also is the fact that there are Many Men who also need violence dished out to them in terms of how they protect and defend Women and endanger other Men.

Making conditions of living unbearable for these types of Men are paramount.

Our Prussian Laws must be as ruthless like never before, and the first step is to exhibit it as a daily practice. Any Man who objects to our views, must be brought to his ruination.

Only a fool would be in denial to where this all leads.

At first, around the Year 2016, Women thought they were going to pretend to go back to being all “Traditional” and that somehow this would be their “get out of jail free” pass to get in good with Men. That obviously fell flat on their face.

Women who have already lost their virginity cannot pair bond, so it is over from them even if they had any level of decency to themselves for beginners.

Women have also been taking to this “new trend” of now claiming any attribute of where a Man wants something from them to be considered “Narcissistic Behavior” and use this go-to word “Narcissism” to describe anything about what they deem to be “Toxic Masculinity” which just seems to be anything that a Man wants, for a Man to simply be a Man, and also for a Man to even have enjoyment. If a Man even wants any money to himself, that is also deemed as “Narcissistic” and “Toxic” because in her sick and twisted world, all money should be spent on “her”.

There is also a new term on the horizon which you should watch for growing in popularity, called “Peter Pan Syndrome” which Women are trying to use to describe any Man that has any self-respect or desires of his own, who may not want to aggressively be responsible towards Toxic Women.

Since Women now they realize they are losing their power and never banked upon how they would live or function if they can no longer use their Pussy as the bargaining Chip for Power, and getting by in life, so they are losing their minds.

I tend to like the treatment that the Russian Cossacks use on Feminist Women in Russia, but putting that on steroids.

The Worst Women in Europe!? A lot of them are also bad, but I think Italian Women might be some of the worst right up there with English Women, and I can say with pure Confidence that Italy is likely one of the first Nations on its way out in Europe from their issues relating to Female Power and Low Birth Rates. Italy is a Dead Country.

In General, 2022 is already shaping up to be a whole new year of freshly filed divorces.


Once again, everything told in Western Media regarding the Russia / Ukraine situation is completely distorted, and one in which a proper policy must be understood and also explained by us for the sake of European Affairs in how this escalated situation should be managed, and in the event if there are any forces which seek to appropriate the correct course of policy in treatment of this matter.

Ukraine has mixed history with Russia, because of the Holodomor and also there is the mixed Cultural Divide between Western and Eastern Ukraine, in terms of their preference of Russian Dominance and Influence in the region. Eastern Ukrainians are mostly Pro-Russian and with the fact that most Ukrainians share genetic and cultural relations with Russians.

The most ideal scenario for Ukraine’s continued existence, would be one of an Independent State, however due to relations and geo-political factors and instability, Russia is not likely to permit that, especially in the face of NATO / CSTO competition. Russia of course has much negotiating power under Putin’s leadership, but Ukraine is a country prone to much political instability and other corruption issues that make it problematic vying for its own self.

An outbreak of war in this region will surely create numerous instability problems and also exacerbate other regional issues, but it will inevitably ignite a civil war among Ukrainians over this power balance divide, and it could very likely cause Ukraine to break up into two separate Nations, once again, as USA is often responsible for, such as how North Korea and South Korea had “split”, even though Korea should be one Nation as a whole.

I am sure many readers are familiar with the term for this, known as “Balkanization”.

The problem being that most Ukrainians are either Pro-USA or Pro-Russian, and both the USA and Russia are competitors in seeking to assert Hegemonic power and influence.

The conflict which took place many years ago, including the modern one involves USA as the Aggressor, not Russia. Nevertheless, monitoring Russian influence in the region is of key importance.

It’s tough to say which devil they should prefer to be with, but Ukrainians have everything in relation with Russia more than they do with the USA, and the USA is a Corporation, and NATO is wholly evil.

But the problem is still that both USA and Russia are Zionist countries.

Then, there is the case for the Crimean region which is also mostly Pro-Russian.

Strategically and Historically, the Crimean Peninsula has played a very strategic role for different powers, including German interest and influence in the region, as it has a very strategic placement and very valuable land, in addition to direct access to the Black Sea.

It was a great strategic loss that Germany today did not win authority or control of the sea ports of the Crimea, because it would be mighty for securing German Interests and Trade, including Management of any regional conflict that could break out for any reason.

However, as Germans, we do not have a particular interest over Ukraine or to Germanise them or much interest outside of establishment of Bipartisan Trade Agreements.

In Modern times, we would still benefit from having Crimea as regional territory under German control, even more so than over the Ukrainian territory, however it would be a difficult ambition.

German Ambitions should maintain focus in restoration of our former lands and all lost areas of East Prussia which we did formerly own and are authentically Germany, which should be at the base point of German Policy in restoration of the Reich.

German and European Policy in relation to Russia’s influence, must see that it does not expand over any part past Belarus and Ukraine at the absolute limit.

The Baltic States need to be under German authority some day again, albeit under a different arrangement than they may currently enjoy or hope to have, but it is in their best interest.

The Baltic States do not want Russian influence, and it is also a threat to German and European Influence in those regions. Therefore, if Russian expansion were to claim influence or any intervention in the Baltic States or even Poland or Romania, than this would surely serve as a direct threat to Germany’s influence and for the entire Europe.

Belarus is a country that does its own thing and is under an isolated regime that does its own thing, and we prefer to keep them that way and to manage their own internal affairs and should not interfere with any of their internal affairs or in terms of their relations with Russia, good or bad.

European Leaders including ones allied with NATO would do well to keep out of the affairs between Russia and Ukraine, as it is none of the business even despite that we are concerned with Russian affairs, we draw the border line at the frontiers of Ukraine and Belarus for Russian Influence.

European Leaders and States who side with NATO in this conflict will be dealing themselves a bad hand and blowback from supporting the US/NATO side in the escalating situation, when they should remain neutral and indifferent to this area, and that it will only undermine the already fractured US/NATO Apparatus and strengthen the Russian Position to get involved.

European Leaders and anyone in Europe who has a vested interest in these matters would do well to understand the fact that the American Empire is dissolving and completely finished. The more that any EU state or any country clings to American Imperialism, the harder they will fall in what is soon to occur. As much as we prefer to not have Russia Expansionism anywhere in the world, it is imperative that as Germans that we know where to draw the Line when it comes to European Affairs and Border issues, and especially in relevant times, and also in maintaining the correct course on such sensitive issues.

Germans need to get aggressive like the Bulgarians, but Bulgarians still need to do more.

One must remember at all times is that if there is any victory to be made anywhere in the struggle against COVID Tyranny, it means making the population fearful.

Police must be made fearful.

Police Forces will never “come around” to waking up, as I have stated, because they are screened specifically for their positions of obedience and following protocols, not only in America but especially in Europe and almost everywhere else in the world.

They are mostly so unintelligent, that they do not even realize how their own positions are being used to bring about the New World Order, and that replacement auxiliary forces and mercenaries are lined up to eventually cull them when they will no longer be needed.

Do not expect anything from them.

Medical Officials of all kinds need to be made fearful, including the ones who are not fighting even if they are against COVID Tyranny.

They must be reminded that they are either “part of the problem or part of the solution”.

Stop looking to attention, placard signs or solidarity at this time, in the activism. These things are meaningless, and this is not a time for celebration. Celebration comes after victories. If you notice any movement or activity that seems to be heavily invested in celebration, you can be near certain that they are controlled opposition and that the attendees have no vested interest in fighting. They wouldn’t even fight for you either!

If more people willing cooperate to use force in public activism, there is less control and authority figures will become more fearful.

Government Officials must be made fearful.

Your family members, friends, colleagues and the General Public also must be be completely terrified of you.

If you don’t have the balls to fight on this level, you will not get anything anyways and you will fall with the rest of losers, and there is no more disgrace of a way to die or lose out in this world depending on what type of fate you will meet.

When people know that their jobs or any time they leave their household can potentially endanger their life, they can be quelled into submission.

The same way over 80% of world population were quelled into staying in their homes, over some invisible boogeyman. Look at how well that worked, even over just a “perceived threat” and even while people obeyed with not knowing anybody who legitimately was sick.

If you can’t even be bothered with the most tiny of tasks in public resistance, such as to slam the doors on people behind or in front of you who wear masks when you enter or exit establishments and at other intervals, than I think you are fucking pathetic!

In addition, you should be following “known” subject employees, or even if employees who may have fired you (or whatever the scenario) and find out where they live, vandalize their homes, and be ruining their family relations. You need to be as multi-faceted, engaged and pervasive as the enemy is in putting this agenda out as they are, and in fact you also need to exceed that with determination and fever.

No excuse!

Sooner or later you are going to recognize how much you were being a pathetic sissy ass for over 2 years, going on 3, all because you wanted to seem Civil, Polite, Agreeable and not upsetting or offensive to others, at the behest of your own slavery.

You totally UNDERESTIMATE the Kabuki Theater of the COVID Agenda in how it’s being used as the bridge to bring about the New World Order! Your pathetic scruples over being a “moral”, “law-abiding” citizen make you fear defending your own interests and your country.

While we have been witnessing in the past few weeks the situation in Europe, protests indeed becoming more violent in countries like Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and other places, this still is nowhere near enough to the levels it must be brought. It also needs to become more personal.

Personal attacks, vested hatred create more fear in individuals, than institutional attacks.

Use my words of wisdom wisely in deciding to do what you shall.

Understand, that in your hesitancy in using unrestrainted violence against COVIDIOTS, that they have ALREADY declared you an enemy and state subject IN YOUR LAND EVEN IF YOU DO NOT FIGHT OR RESIST.

On the books, it is consider ILLEGAL to deny or spread ANTI-COVID Information. If you let the enemy get its way, including all that are complicit, you are allowing the final nails to be driven in your coffin, and they will pursue you some day under the system of these laws for even the slightest of what they deem to be as “COVID Disinformation” if even over a recorded phone call you had in dispute with a family member or your workplace.

Those complicit in the COVID Agenda automatically entitle you to use unrestrained and unprovoked violence and sabotage on those who engaged with this Cult. You also are permitted to BURN, LOOT and STEAL the merchandise from your employer. PSA officially endorses this activity and encourages it strongly. Have no mercy with the enemy and ruin everything of theirs and their bodies.

With those who engage in COVID Protocols, all limits are off, and no boundaries apply as to what can and should be done to them in retributions.

Anyone who challenges or even remotely attempts to debate this should also be eliminated with ruthlessness.

Mark my words, by the end of March and into April, you will only hate yourself if you have not made good use of these last 2 years. I would be happy to recommend Suicide.

Meanwhile, In Boston…

As Protests continue against COVID Measures in Europe, we have Non-European trash among the young generations protesting in demand for more COVID Tyranny.

FUN, FUN Times are coming!!!

Hey White Boys in America and all Law Enforcement Officers. Are you going to protect these gems because they are Women are Colored!? I will be delighted for a lifetime to see it! I will love to sit back and watch their urgency to defend these specimens.

After all, Women deserve to be “protected” at all costs, because they were born as Women, right!? And everybody is equal, so say the Scots-Irish of America, who don’t care whether someone is Black or White…

This should just show you how far gone America is:

Are you beginning to understand that Americans will never do anything?

As we have stated based on many facts we know about the American people and their history, the Americans are not these “Freedom-Fighting / Loving” people as they make themselves out to be.

When an American speaks about “Fighting for Freedom”, what he she really means is having their religion, including the ability to make money through racketeering without limits, and it is essential that their “God” through their religion will defend and oversee their rights to their money-making objectives.

All of this of course, falls in line with Protestantism, especially the very specific American branding.

God and Religion is the “crutch” for the American Yankees and the Hillbillies.

It validates their inner void, and their bogus existence.

Without their Religion, their Jewish God “Yahweh” or “Jehovah” and the almighty dollar, they have nothing at all.

It should be well obvious throughout the European world and elsewhere that Americans will never fight against COVID Tyranny, so could you ever sincerely believe that they would be willing to fight a Racial War or to deal with their Jewish problem!?

Never in a Million years…

The fact that while protests don’t do much, that Europeans are more willing to voice disdain, says a lot about the racial makeup and morals of the Americans, when it comes to the COVID Tyranny.

Americans will not do anything, and their military forces are just as useless and worthless.

Why you should avoid anyone who relates to things through Movies + VIDEO by sv3rige

Growing up in America, you begin to see very early on how big of an influence that Mindless Entertainment, such as things between Video Games and Movies have on the people in this country.

I have found this to be one of the most annoying traits about Americans more so than other people, because I never really experience it with anyone from Europe, unless it’s just a matter of fact that they have to reference or bring up a movie in conversation for a valid reason.

But if you bring up intellectual points to any American, almost always, it has to point to something they saw in a Movie.

This just shows how greatly influenced under perpetual propaganda assault the Americans really are.

Every time that I hear an American bring up something I explain to them reminding something about what they saw in a movie, something in me shuts down and tunes them out as I cringe with disgust. And then I have no interest to watch that movie whatsoever.

Every time I hear the person who needs to relate to something from a Movie, it immediately is a message to me that the person is incapable to relate to anything or discuss anything on any level outside of relating to it through the Movie, and that they are not capable of doing anything useful.

Even the moment that someone says they are called by others as a “Conspiracy Theorist” or if they express concern over being thought of as one, you know 100% that the person is already under Mind Control and is a completely worthless tool, because they care about their reputations and cannot break the programming of being regarded as a potential “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Every “Right-Wing” individual I have ever known also has taken on the programming of being regarded a “Conspiracy Theorist” and yet they take it up the ass from their Left Wing counterparts, rather than seeking to defeat their opposition. The Right-Wing proves their fallacy as who they are in this fact, because they bend over and yield to the Left-Wing every single time. Just as Trump bent over for his Jewish son-in-law and the Left Establishment his entire time in office.