Q: Where is the origin for your Prussian Statehood?

A: Our Society is committed in the vision on the development of a Prussian Homeland on the American Continent, as the new location for Rebirth of the Prussia, along with seeding a Prussian Restoration Project in Germany, with the help of our Society. Because at this time, we do not see a Prussian Revival taking place in Germany. We have all the solutions for Germany and the German people and are fully committed to restoring Germany in any way possible, even if we remain on a separate continent. We are absolutely willing to work with anyone in Germany, genuinely committing to bringing everything back to Germany the way it should be, and recovering all lost former territories.

Q: Are you a Christian Order or Religious Organization?

A: We are NOT Christian and our Entire Society is also Not Christian. We are a Pagan Fraternal Order and do not believe in organized forms of Worship, such as the Abrahamic Faiths do.

In our view, Christianity is an aberration of Spirit. A foreign influence that has encapsulated Europeans in general, but our focus on its destruction lay more on the effects it has brought people of Germany and Baltic Nations.

We encourage our Volk to return to their Pagan roots in accordance with Nature’s Demand, away from Manmade Belief systems which have unnatural philosophies and with fake morals and fake hearts which teach philosophies which can only be innate in an individual, but never learned.

Manmade Religions give instruction to people that encourages bad form and warped philosophies, and a type of personality that is toxic to anyone who becomes subjected to it.

The Ethnic Prussians of the Baltic region were also originally Pagan.

However, while the Germanic Prussians had adopted Christian beliefs for a large part of history, we see from historical examples, such as conflicts between the Catholics and Protestants in the 30 Years’ War, that this religion does more harm than good, and has stifled our progress and development from the position we ought to be in now in the 21st century.

The arrival of Christianity in the Old Prussian land of Lithuania resulted in extermination and forced conversions to Christianity.

Return to our Pagan Spirituality is the natural course of Evolution and Renaissance of our Volk.

Q: Does the PSA Promote Odin [WOTAN] or other Norse Religions?

A: Our Society does not Promote Odin Worship, Asatru, or any of these Norse Religions.

These religions actually do not serve any value or interest to us, and our form of Beliefs and Spirituality is based much more on a Pagan form of Deism, so we do not rely on Archetypes of Mythical Figures.

Norse Belief systems are at odds with our Practices and Beliefs, because they promote Equality with Women, and sometimes, the Women having a higher status over the Man.

Norse Mythology is very different than Prussian Spirituality, and those beliefs are more in tune with Celts and Scandinavians (i.e. Northern Germans).

Q: Is Prayer and Worship Permitted in the PSA?

A: Prayer and Worship are Forbidden Practices by anyone involved in the PSA.

There are some exclusive reasons for this which we only reveal to someone upon their Initiation into our Fraternity, however one of the open reasons we forbid these practices is because “Prayer” and “Worship” are concepts that Religions who worship Egotistical Gods, embrace. Therefore, our Concept of God or the “Divine” is completely different than Religions, and we do not actually operate from the standpoint of what is deemed “acceptable” to God, as this concept too, is what “Fallen” people engage in, who belong to religious cults.

In simple terms, we do not believe that a Real God would have any purpose, nor desire, nor demand for asking Humans to worship it or sacrifice one’s life or to live for God.

We have many Sacred Attributes to our beliefs, which Initiates learn of, which are almost no longer existent in any form of religion or spiritual path in the world.

Unlike religious cults who demand to “convert you”, we don’t seek to inform other people about the Divine Nature, rather, one must demonstrated to a Member of our Society their level of Spiritual Awareness and that they are Responsible to Learn of certain Divine Knowledge, before we would permit them certain knowledge.

Thus, it is not as important for someone to profess their belief in some “God” to us, as it would be for them to come to their own recognition of some Divine fact or existence.

Q: Are you Atheists?

A: No, we are not Atheists, as we do believe in God. However the God-Force and Concept of God in general that we believe in is completely different than Abrahamic Religions, as well as the Buddhists and any Manmade Religion. Primarily, we are Nature-based, first and foremost. We view everything applicable to our daily lives and practices from the basis of it being as closest to the form of Nature as possible. We do not worship or recognize the Abrahamic “Gods”. As previously mentioned, we also do not believe in Worship or Religious Cults, so our approach to Deities is very different. Generally, our philosophical approach to our belief in God is in alignment with Deism.

We believe that the Deistic approach and understanding of God is the proper course of understanding our connection with the Divine, instead of relying off of stories, parables and superstition.

Q: Are you Traditionalists?

A: We prefer to refer to ourselves as “Esoteric” rather than “Traditional”.

Q: Can Atheists join your Organization?

A: Atheists are not welcome into our Society. We view Atheists to also be a religious cult in and of itself, and that they have a worldly agenda of their own, especially in their aim to promote World Communism. Our Society does not promote religious dogma to our Members.

While we do expect one who joins to have some type of belief in God, we prime and educate our Society members to seek their own enlightenment, which must come from within, not from some Holy Book.

Q: Are you Freemasons or do you have Freemasons among your Membership?

A: No, and Absolutely Not! Freemasons are not only expressly prohibited from Membership and any Involvement with our Society, but they remain as our most grave world enemies and rivals, but also they are the enemy of Mankind. The Freemasons are a Criminal Network.

Once a Freemason, Always a Freemason. Thus, even a Freemason who has repudiated his membership and involvement with Masonry will never be tolerated among our ranks.

Anyone who is found to join Freemasonry or any Christian or any other unauthorized society which is against the interest of our Society, will be considered as having committed “treason” and is subject to punishment.

Members are required to consent with us about any pre-existing Memberships or ones they intend in joining while maintaining Membership with Our Order.

Q: Are Women Welcome to be a Supporter or Member of your Organization?

A: Yes they are. Women are just as eligible and welcome as Men to have involvement with our Organization in the Women’s Division, and we strongly encourage their involvement and activism with us. We would be interested in what skills or other attributes that you can bring to our organization, and have specific Education and Tasks we would want you to fulfill as part of the organization. The only conditions you have is that as a Woman in our organization, you will not be permitted to be in occupancy in ranks of Leadership or Political Decisions, or anything pertaining to Militaristic Affairs. Instead, we have other activities and engagement we would like to have you involved with along with helping to educate others.

As a Female Member of our Society, you will have the chance to reconnect with your root of your Blood and fully develop and rediscover the secrets of your Ancestral Bloodline. You will relearn our concept of honor and sophistication that is no longer to be found anywhere in the world. You will be able to attend Society Events and Outings we host from time to time.

You will be interviewed, and based on our assessment, we will provide you educational material based on your level of dedication, spiritual and personal development that will help guide you.

Q: Do you believe in Evolution of Humanity?

A: We do not believe in the Evolutionary Theories, they are all false and are easily debunked. Nevertheless, we do believe that there is Evolution beyond this world, but not in this world.

Q: How many people would need to be involved for building a new Prussian Nation?

A: We would need to become a force of at least 50,000 People minimum, who are willing to relocate and unify in order to have a State. If there are less than 50,000 of us, we would exist as a Community.

Q: What is necessary to take place for a Prussian Nation to be established?

Generally the pooling together of all skill and resources, along with a reunification and agreement between our people to engage in full-scale relocation / resettlement of land.

Q: Where do most Ethnic Prussians still exist?

A: If we are talking about the Baltic Prussians which were the original Prussians, they are nearly extinct from having been cleansed, or what lineages of them do exist are sometimes found among Modern Germans who had intermixed with the Baltic Prussians.

As far as the Germanic Prussians, many descendants today live scattered and isolated throughout parts of the USA and Canada. In the USA, most people of Prussian descent live in states like Wisconsin and also North Carolina.

The only Germanic Prussians who have survived were the ones who fled East Prussia. But the other Germanic Prussians who stayed behind were nearly all exterminated.

Since Prussia no longer exists even as a territory or identity, all Prussians are both physically and psychologically displaced.

Q: Prussians were always fervently religious, what causes you to break with the Prussian Tradition of Protestant / Lutheran creed?

A: We recognize all forms of Christianity to be antithetical to our Real Heritage and the proper development of our people. Abrahamic religions belong to the Hebrews. If you are not of Hebrew Origins, believing in their religious paths makes you spiritually a Hebrew.

There are many Prussians and Germans in general today who are heavily religious, but they have not let go of the Christian influence.

After World War I, many Prussians in Germany began to realize the error and betrayal from the Christianity and how it played a role with certain Political and Banking interests to destroy the German Empire.

Modern Germans must decide whether they are a Hebrew or a German, and to follow their native religion.

Today, the people who are descendants of Prussians are not completely aware of the Prussian Spirit and how it makes us different from other Germans and world’s people, so they are not aware of the significance. Mostly all they know about is if they had Prussian Ancestors. Information is also very limited.

Q: Does the PSA offer Ancestry or Geneology Services?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer any Services related to Ancestral Research or Geneology. We do have a Historical Division and Archive Vault, and are happy to attempt to answer any questions you may have, relative to what we know or may be able to research further for you.

If you are trying to discover your Prussian or Germanic roots in general, we strongly advise using caution in who you select for the agency, because many of these Company Databases collect genetic and other related data which is shared with other parties, including Intelligence Agencies and Governments.

We are however, always interested to hear any submissions [which you may elect to be private and confidential or for public submission on our website] you have of you, your family and any history of your family line and story that you wish to share with us.

While you are free to choose what level of involvement or communication you wish to have with our Society, we strongly encourage the idea if you would wish to have regular communications with us, as it is the best way to build up rapport and rediscovery of the connection between our people, and to have participation with everything we have to offer.

Keep in mind, that some information at times, is restricted only to Members of the PSA. We will let you know if we are unable to answer an inquiry or request based on these restriction factors.