Our Mission

We are an Organization and Fraternal Order based out of Massachusetts, USA with a focus on educational, motivational and organization of work to unite those who either have Prussian Heritage or Appreciation and the desire to discuss issues relating the implications of losing Prussia as not only a Geographical location that has been unfairly wiped off the map in Europe, but our Heritage and Culture.

We are the Premier Society of pursuing a Pan-German Unification here in America and Europe, but with the goal in America of uniting German-Americans to reassert our Identity and to pursue the goal of secession from the United States.

We have outreach efforts also focused in the Midwest [particularly in Wisconsin], Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, along with the entire Germanic Regions of Europe, including former territories of Prussia which have been lost.

We seek to help unite and create offline networks of those who would either want to be a part of our organization and efforts or to learn more about how we can work our way to the efforts of restoring Prussian Culture and Values to the Germanic and Baltic peoples.

We are determined to create establishment and relocation for our own Homeland in the United States along with the Liberation & Restoration of all former Prussian and Germanic Territories in Europe are part of our greatest mission in what we are striving for.

In particular, we are very concerned about the treason that has been committed against Germany as a Nation since the end of World War 2.

Today, Germany is still an occupied country by the USA and the people have been subjected to policies that infringe upon German National Sovereignty and the ability for the German people to maintain their culture and heritage for future generations.

Since WW2, Prussians and the German people overall have not had justice and there were many Millions of Ethnic Prussians who were thrust out of their houses and lands under gunfire and have been displaced since and many who have been pushed into poverty.

We seek to raise awareness and promote a true sense of Justice for Prussians.

As Prussians, we recognize that our identity and bond as a people is specific and unique, and that our connection, our cooperation and unity as a people is found exclusively through our blood, rather than from the signing of the pen.

We are not Left Wing or Right Wing, we are PRUSSIANS, and as PRUSSIANS we shall die!